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Jungle Gym Climber Playset Jungle Gym Climber Playset

Jungle Gym Climber Playset

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Detailed Description:

  • Features:

    • The playset consists of three main components: a slide, a climbing wall, and a ball pit.

    • The slide is a straight, metal slide with a ladder leading to the top.

    • The climbing wall has several multi-colored handholds of various shapes and sizes.

    • The ball pit is a square pit filled with colorful plastic balls.

    • All three components are sectioned together and supported by metal beams.

    • Above the entrance to the playset is a sign that reads "Welcome".

  • Benefits:

    • This brightly colored indoor playset can provide a fun and engaging way for children to play and exercise.

    • The slide and climbing wall can help children develop their gross motor skills, while the ball pit can provide a safe and stimulating environment for them to play and explore.

  • Materials: The description mentions that the slide and climbing wall are made of metal, but it is not possible to tell from the image what materials the other parts are made from.

  • Specifications: The dimensions of the playset are not given in the image.

  • Safety: It is not possible to tell from the image whether the playset has any specific safety features.

  • Assembly: There is no information about assembly included in the image.

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