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Funky Town Interactive Play Set Funky Town Interactive Play Set

Funky Town Interactive Play Set

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Introducing the Funky Town Interactive Play Set, a lively and enchanting playground that takes kids on a journey of endless fun and imagination. Bursting with vibrant colors and eclectic designs, this play set is filled with:

  • Quirky slides, including a spiral slide housed inside a strawberry-like structure.

  • Interactive play zones, like the 'DLX' rotating wheel and the whimsical 'zoom-zoom' tunnel.

  • Eye-catching polka-dot and checkered flooring, setting the mood for adventures.

  • Multi-level playhouses featuring unique patterns and pops of color.

  • Adorable elements such as a miniature "time" booth, oversized flowers, and a mini bridge.

  • A variety of tactile elements and fun structures, each promising a unique sensory experience.


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