Why Mom Was Right About Preschool Indoor Amusements?
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Mother is the indispensable person to accompany the child. At the same time, mothers' mind is also delicate.They are more aware of the needs of children. They paid more attention to details.When your mother installs the indoor entertainment equipment, it may be more considerate and meticulous.

So, mom was right about preschool indoor amusement. First of all, mothes are more careful, and more considerate from woman's point of view. Mothers know more about their children's preferences and habits, what they do most often and where they stay most in daily time.

Mothers also knows children’s mind better, when children have any mischievous idea, mothers can guide them. When installing a child's indoor amusement at home, mother are more concerned about the child's safety in addition to having fun and enriching the child's childhood. Therefore, when parents designing an indoor playground for children, the first thing they should consider is safety. Because mothers have more contact with their children, they can understand their children's habits better and prevent the indoor occurrence of safety accidents.

We know that the safety of children's indoor playground is very important, in addition to investors in the selection of quality guaranteed children's play equipment, the installation of equipment can not be ignored the key. If the children's indoor playground equipment is not properly installed, in addition to the beauty, it will also be extremely vulnerable to failure, not only will discourage children's interest in playing, and but also may even threaten the child's personal safety. So people need to be careful when installing equipment.

The firmness of the amusement equipment. In the process of the installation of the indoor children's amusement equipment, we must ensure that all the amusement indoor equipment can operate normally, and also pay attention to the overall safety and firmness. In case of installation, the fasteners such as screws must be tightened, and the connecting pieces between the amusement equipment shall be fastened, and the support made of galvanized steel pipe shall also be fixed. After the installation, check it over again and see if there is an omission. It is best to have all the amusement indoor equipment checked one-by-one and find a place to be repaired in a timely manner. II. No sharp objects

In addition, in the process of installing no sharp objects, we must pay attention to them. Where tourists have access to them, they must not allow sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs and dangerous protrusions. The child's awareness of self-protection is very weak. One accidentally knocks, touches, or scratches. Therefore, when installing, for the harder or sharper parts of the amusement equipment, people need to be sure to wrap it with a bag to avoid injury to the child. What’s more, the gap between the equipment between the two amusement equipment, or between the amusement equipment and the wall, between the amusement equipment and the support, these connections will inevitably appear gaps. If the gap is too wide, the child will easily fall into the gap and get stuck while playing. So be sure to avoid too wide gaps between amusement equipment, or between amusement equipment and other equipment. 

Fourth, slope and protective net installation such as slide, climbing frame, mini pendulum hammer, pirate ship and other children's amusement equipment and the ground will have a certain slope, for the sake of children's safety, to prevent accidents, These slopes are not easy to get too large. There is also the installation of protective nets, protective nets are an essential safety barrier in indoor children's parks. The second or higher platform, the side of the slide, the surrounding trampoline, etc., all need to install the protective net, must not be omitted during the installation process, but also to ensure its solidity and safety.

Title:Why Mom Was Right About Preschool Indoor Amusements?
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