Where outdoor playgrounds are headed in the next five years
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What is the current status of the outdoor playground?

What are the benefits of outdoor playgrounds?

The future development of outdoor playgrounds


The outdoor playground is a place where children can play freely. In recent years, it has become the preferred place for parents and children on holidays. Why are outdoor playgrounds popular? Can it maintain its current boom in the next five years?

What is the current status of the outdoor playground?

In recent years, outdoor amusement parks have accelerated their development, and international well-known amusement parks have entered the market one after another, beginning to enter the era of "outdoor amusement parks". Facing the era of intensified competition, the development of outdoor amusement parks is facing opportunities and challenges. Many investors have also observed the value of children's format. The study shows that the proportion of children's format in shopping malls increased from about 5% in 2011 to 15% in 2015, and the growth rate has been accelerating in the last year.

What are the benefits of outdoor playgrounds?

Whenever a child comes to an outdoor children's playground, he may gradually become independent and independent. On the one hand, novel and unique games can stimulate children's interest, learn to play independently and alleviate anxiety; on the other hand, there are many playmates in the park. There are also many playable things, children will no longer insist on parents to accompany, which can also guide children to learn to be independent.

There are also many advantages of outdoor amusement park activities, such as:

1. Develop a healthy mind for your children.

2. Develop children's learning ability.

3. Develop children's physique and will.

4. Develop children's sense of teamwork.

The experience of these games can be applied to future study and work, which is one of the important performances of outdoor children's Park outward development training games.

The future development of outdoor playgrounds

1. The performance-price ratio of outdoor amusement equipment will be higher and higher. The products with high cost-performance ratio can bring more lively atmosphere for the venue and also become the products with long life cycle of the manufacturers.

2. More parent-child interaction. One of the future development directions of outdoor children's amusement equipment is to pay attention to parent-child communication.

3. The outdoor playground will be more thematic. Generally speaking, children are the best consumers of outdoor recreational equipment, so major manufacturers have begun to study the theme of children's recreational equipment in order to meet the needs of more children.


Overall, the outdoor playground will develop in a better direction, Merchants will open more outdoor children's playgrounds and continue to improve the level of amusement equipment. This will benefit more people and the playground will have more thematic equipment. As an investor, if you want to make your own outdoor playground develop rhythm, you have to choose MICH PLAYGROUND for planning children's playground in line with the development prospects. 

Title:Where outdoor playgrounds are headed in the next five years
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