Where Have All the Mcdonald's Playgrounds Gone
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Still remember when we were kids, we all liked to go to McDonald’s indoor playground to play, parents were watching their children, children not only enjoyed delicious fast food at McDonaldu’s, but also went to indoor playgrounds after eating fast food. There are amusement facilities such as slides and blankets on the ground to prevent children from wrestling, but recent visits to McDonald’s can no longer see children playing in indoor playgrounds. Instead, they have gone to McDonald’s outdoor playgrounds. Next, I’ll tell you where have all the Mcdonald's playgrounds gone from two aspects.

Here’s the outline:

  • Old Mcdonald’s playground

  • Mcdonald's outdoor playground

Old Mcdonald’s playground

McDonaldland, a McDonald’s brand's playground, first appeared in 1972, when McDonaldland appeared in the Illinois Expo, including a series of roles to be sold to children. The McDonald’s feature is a seemingly insidious, ambiguous, fast-food fantasy world, made up of a police (military officer), a small crime (Hamburg), a pirate (Captain Kruk) and a giant cheeseburger. (Mayor, McChese). In the next few years, McDonald’s first amusement park is based on these characters, including the officer Big Mac climbing structure, the Capt Crook spiral slide, and so on.

Fast-food restaurants are now investing in playgrounds without much commercial significance. Square feet alone cost money, not to mention equipment, maintenance, security risks and insurance costs. "over the past 30 or 40 years, we have seen the transfer of larger playgrounds to a smaller, concentrated playground, and in some cases to the outside, which does not help in the winter. It has evolved to a point where it is less relevant and less relevant. "

From a child to an open collection of kindergartens, McDonald's, an amusement park can be understood to be a little sticky from time to time. But few people know how dirty they are until a related mother takes the dirt of the fast-food amusement park to the light.Dr Carr-Jordan 's complaints against managers and even McDonald's headquarters have been largely ignored. As a result, determined moms do it herself and start taking bacterial swabs at different fast-food restaurants across the country. The lab results of her bacterial swab showed that, Almost every of the 50 fast-food playgrounds she visited (with the exception of the amusement zone in Chick-fil-A, her home in Chandler, Arizona) showed a potentially dangerous pathogen. From fecal coliform to a variety of staphylococcus aureus, playgrounds are breeding grounds for microscopic bacteria that may endanger children.

Mcdonald's outdoor playground

Faced with the problem of bacteria breeding in indoor playgrounds, and for the sake of children's physical and mental health, McDonald's gradually banned indoor playgrounds and began to build McDonald's outdoor playgrounds, more than anything else. It seems to be in an unstable state. The playground lags sadly behind the times in integrating the more responsive digital game experience children now expect. Some restaurants franchised choose to eliminate playgrounds to support more seats and lower land costs, while others are expanding to encourage a positive lifestyle for children. " McDonald's outdoor playgrounds has been paying special attention to family experiences and will continue this tradition," said Lauren Altmin, McDonald's public relations representative. "over the years, the development of Playplace has enabled franchisees to meet the needs of local communities and customers and they have chosen to add this functionality to the restaurant."

In summary, McDonald is gradually moving its indoor playgrounds to the outside, and McDonald's outdoor playgrounds are becoming more and more popular. For a more enjoyable entertainment experience, please choose McDonald's outdoor playground. If you have any questions, please contact us .

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