What to wear in trampoline park?
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Although trampoline parks are popular among children and young people and being merged in our life, many people still have no idea about what to wear when planing to go to trampoline park. Some people will be upset when playing in the trampoline park, the main reason is that they don’t wear appropriate clothes, which affect the joy of playing. Here are some suggestions we give you, hope you will take them into consideration and have a good day in the commercial trampoline park.

  • For boys or men

1.Wear tight pants that can be adjusted, such as sports shorts. Cargo pants are also good choice. Don't wear denim shorts or other pants that will tie your movements. For example, jeans tend to tighten at each wash and weaken at the seams. If you bounce with too much power and flexibility, you may split your pants.

2.Wearing a T-shirt that makes you feel comfortable. It should has a certain elasticity to ensure your freedom of movement. If you are wearing a shirt, remember to tuck it into your shorts to avoid it flips when jumping.

3.Wear rubber-padded socks in a trampoline park, or similar socks which are allowed. In some trampoline parks, only barefoot is allowed. You should wear according to the requirements of the park you are going to.Remember do not wear shoes on a trampoline unless stated by the manufacturer.

  • For girls or women

1.Wear a tight T-shirt. When visiting the indoor trampoline park, you need to wear a tight T-shirt. Don't wear any strapless underwear, because the bounce action will make your head down and the body moves a lot. When you are playing, you must not want to pull your clothes frequently. If you wear a fitted T-shirt, you can be sure that you can flip, drop and bounce at will.

2.Wear loose pants such as sports shorts, which are similar to boys. Don't wear tight pants such as jeans, which will restrain your movement. But Yoga pants are acceptable, yoga pants are not suitable for dating, work or interviews. However, they are the perfect outfit for bouncing on a trampoline. Because yoga pants are flexible, which makes it easy for you to move freely.

3.Remember to take off all your jewelry before playing on the trampoline. Otherwise your necklace may be accidentally tied to our equipment, posing a hazard, so we ask you to put the jewels at home, or at least put them in the park before entering the park. This will not only protect the safety of your property, but also protect your body and other visitors.

4.Wear socks with rubber handles in the trampoline park, or similar socks that are allowed. Do not wear shoes on a trampoline unless stated by the manufacturer. And some trampolines will ask you to take off your socks, because socks will prevent you from getting the proper traction on the trampoline.

5.Before you get on the trampoline, tie your hair and tie it into a bun, braid or similar. To prevent it from bouncing and entering your face while jumping, or forming a block during the jump. To ensure safety, tie your hair.

  • Other things to avoid

1.Empty your pocket before jumping to prevent others from being harmed by sharp objects .

2.Unauthorized equipment, such as camera etc. should not be brought into the trampoline.

3.Don't bring a big wallet. When you carry a huge wallet, in addition, having a big wallet will only attract the attention of the thief.

When choosing clothes for trampoline park, wear a comfortable cloth instead of a beautiful one. Leave your expensive things in your house or car to ensure their safety. Follow the trampoline park’s rules is necessary.

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