What to do on a mini trampoline by yourself?
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When the trampoline first appeared, it was an athlete who used the acrobatic skills to rebound from the trampoline. It belongs to the kind of gymnastics. The trampoline is called "air ballet". With people's love for the trampoline, the trampoline is more of a kind of entertainment, leisure and fitness for us. Doing some exercise on the mini trampoline has certain benefits for our body and mind. With the development of mini trampoline movements, sports patterns are constantly emerging. So, what can we do when we are on a mini trampoline? Below, we give a brief introduction to the age group. I hope to help you better understand the entertainment of the mini trampoline.

Analysis points are as follows:


✉ FOR Adults

✉ Conclusion

For children

As the child's bones are still growing, the children must perform some smaller sports while playing on the mini trampoline.

(1) There is a very large sponge pool under the mini trampoline, which has a lot of sponge foam. These sponges are colorful and soft, and children can play some games in the sponge pool. The number, this way can also cultivate the child's ability to learn this kind of learning; also parents can ask questions about the color of the sponge foam, so that you can learn some knowledge while playing.

(2) Children can perform appropriate bounces on different mini trampolines without hurting themselves and others, or they can perform some small games, such as who is taller and who is watching. Speed is a little faster, etc., which can also promote communication between children and enhance friendship, but the premise of these small games is to ensure their safety.

For adults

Adults can do more in the mini trampoline area, because this area contains a lot of different sub-areas, here are a few examples.

(1) Slam Dunk Area

I believe that many adults, especially boys, always have a slam dunk dream, always want to make a beautiful dunk, but because on the basketball court, their own jumping power is a hard injury, so this little wish is late Late can not be achieved. However, here, you only need a little leap to achieve a big slam dunk, which is very fulfilling.

(2) Sponge pool

Because of the high work pressure, my heart is bored, what should I do if I need to vent? Then come to the sponge pool under the mini trampoline. Here, you don't have to worry about its safety, because the pool of sponges in the field is one meter thick.

The bottom of the sponge is still a trampoline, so just jump in and out with confidence! Leave all your worries behind your head.

(3) Professional trampoline area

Do you think that there are so many projects in the mini trampoline area? Then you are very wrong. We also have a professional trampoline area, where the trampoline is so powerful and more flexible than the free trampoline area. If you are just a trampoline, it is recommended that you do not try it, because in this mini trampoline, you only need to squat up and down, you will feel that the whole person has to fly.


After listening to my introduction, are you heart-warming? Do you suddenly feel that what you can do on the mini trampoline is actually very much very interesting? Then, take your friends and family and come here to have fun. it's here. The mini trampoline not only allows you to forget all the troubles, but also allows your child to get a better workout. Why not do it? Of course, if you want to know more about the mini trampoline, please feel free to contact us.

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