What should you pay attention to when you open a trampoline park?
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To invest in trampoline park, venue is the first and necessary condition for business success. The choice of the site requires hardware and software requirements, as well as market research. Trampoline park is a high-risk but high return investment, so it is necessary to conduct market research.Next, let's take a look at what we need to pay attention to.


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lMarket research on trampoline park

lAnalyze factors affecting passenger flow

lSite selection of trampoline park

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Market research on trampoline park


a. Specific market research for your own investment direction. For example, if you want to make a brand in the later stage and join in, you can choose a large-scale venue.

b. If you are planning to play for children, you can choose to visit some venues that are personally for children, such as hackers, bouncing trampolines, and so on.

c. At the time of market research, attention should also be paid to the local consumption level and the overall operating conditions and risk status of similar formats.


Analyze factors affecting passenger flow


1. Investigate schools, gyms, CBD business areas, swimming pools, training courses and other related industries around the venues.

2. Evaluate how many people can be covered by a small environment around the trampoline club.

3. How many leads are there?

4. What are the operating conditions and advantages of other competitors around?


Site selection of trampoline park


1. The address should be selected in a crowded area or in the city center, commercial center, downtown area. There are schools, residential areas, commercial complexes, training classes, early education centers, comprehensive entertainment venues, scenic spots, and a relatively concentrated environment for young people. . From the location of the indoor park, it should be set on the first to third floors of the mall. It is strictly prohibited to be located in an underground shopping mall or underground parking garage (unless it is an open underground shopping mall).


2. Convenient transportation, complete hardware facilities, suitable site rent, and the ground level of the site is best.


3. Considering the cost of rent comprehensively, the consumption levels in different regions are different, and the cost of rent is not the same. When selecting a site, try to choose a relatively good choice for renting a land with a lower rent and a lower level of property. General trampoline museum projects can be selected in commercial centers, shopping malls, atriums, cultural and sports halls (such as badminton halls, tennis halls, etc.), large amusement parks, warehouse renovation and other locations. Choosing a venue is one of the prerequisites for the success of a children's playground.


The end of the article


When you choose to open a trampoline park, you can do 200-500 square meters for the age of 3-10 years old. If it is for all ages, it is recommended to be 600 square meters or more. The size of the indoor trampoline site is recommended to be 600-2000 square meters or more, which can achieve the best customer experience and quickly bring profit. It is worth mentioning that in a comprehensive indoor trampoline, the trampoline equipment itself generally only accounts for 55% to 70% of the entire site, and the rest is used for supporting facilities such as cafes, viewing tables, receptions, etc.


When you want to open a trampoline park, you need to buy facilities. We believe that our company can provide you with the best quality products and provide you with the most professional advice. If you have questions, feel free to ask us.

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