What is a trampoline park
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Can a trampoline park just bouncing? The answer is: no! The trampoline park is not just a sneak peek. In fact, it has a lot of entertainment to play. When you look at the complete text, you will be eager to play immediately because of the huge attraction of the trampoline park.


Definition of trampoline park

What can you do in a trampoline park

What should you wear in a trampoline park

Definition of trampoline park

The trampoline is a comprehensive sports program that combines fitness, entertainment, viewing and competition. The trampoline first originated in the 19th century, and later American athlete Nissin invented a modern trampoline for diving training. Since the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, the trampoline has officially been included in the official Olympic Games. The trampoline is not only extremely interesting, but also fully mobilizes the core, back and leg muscle groups, and the effect of burning fat and shaping is first-class.

Trampoline park is a playground that combines a variety of bounce items, including free trampoline area, integrated trampoline area, dodgeball, sponge pool, spider tower, climbing wall and so on. Trampoline park can be used for multi-person sports and entertainment, foster teamwork and keep fit.

What can you do in a trampoline park

Trampoline park has a lot of projects, you can do any of the following entertainment activities, whether alone or with your friends.

Free trampoline area

Despite freestyle! Jump out of your own style! No matter how many people can bounce freely on it, jump to exhaust all efforts and stop, it can be said that it is very relieved.

Slam dunk

A run-up plus a bounce, jumped into the air of 3 meters high, and then came to an invincible big dunk. Of course, it doesn't matter if you don't score a goal. It's good to "fly"!


Drill in and fasten the seat belt to let go of the collision, remember to dodge! Not only test physical strength but also test difficult games.

Flip zone

Similar to the free trampoline area, you can jump freely, but the technology here is higher and there will be more professional areas. It's time to show real technology! Show Time!GO!

Sponge pool area

For young people, this sponge pool is definitely a good place to take pictures! Fly through the running to the sponge pool, jumped into the gentle pool, soft and soft super comfortable! You can also use your soft fighting stick to shoot your opponent down to the sponge pool and upgrade your combat power!

Climbing wall

The rock climbing that exercises the strength of the limbs, even if you try to climb to the top of the rock climbing, you don't have to worry about it. Jumping into the sponge pool, you are embracing the soft sponge pool below.

Spider tower

The player uses his back to land on the top of the spider tower and experience thrills as he falls down layer by layer. But in fact, the real gameplay should be to climb from the bottom layer.

Spiderman Project (sticky wall)

Put on a special velcro costume, do your best to slam against the wall, and hang out on the magic wall with a variety of funny poses. You can dance and dance. It's super fun.

Professional trampoline jump wall project

The professional trampoline area has stronger elastic surface and higher air bounce height. It is suitable for long-lasting movements, which can bring more exciting and unique trampoline experience to customers. It is an upgraded version of the trampoline after customers experience ordinary trampoline. Experience.

Ninja Road

Originating from a US TV show with various projects, it is a new way to challenge your balance, power and agility. Challengers strive to achieve these challenges and achieve improved overall capabilities.

Russian turntable project

Players jump to avoid the impact of motor-driven soft-packed sticks and experience different avoidance games. This is the best choice for group building activities.

Devil slide

Hey! It only takes a few seconds to slide from the sky to the ground! The entire angle is 90 degrees! Feel straight down from the sky! ! ! If you don't think so, there is a blue slide next to it, no more, try the rainbow slide on the right.

There are other games that are more suitable for younger or quieter children, such as naughty castles, building blocks, DIY, labyrinth trampolines.

What should you wear in a trampoline park

1.It is recommended to wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts to avoid scratches. At the same time, the clothes are guaranteed to be elastic enough for a large amount of entertainment.

2.To enter trampoline park, you need to wear professional trampoline anti-skid socks, which you can bring or purchase in the trampoline park.

3.Do not carry fragile items, all kinds of containers, bats, wooden sticks and similar items and valuables to avoid property damage and physical damage, can be stored in the storage cabinet.

4.Before entering the trampoline area, please remove the foreign objects such as jewelry, necklaces, earrings, earrings, etc. It is forbidden to keep long nails and glasses, and girls need to use elastic bands to bundle their hair (do not use hairpins) to prevent these objects from being injured during exercise. To yourself.

5.Food and water should not be brought into the venue and can be drunk in the lounge area.

I am very excited and I want to go to the trampoline park to show my skills. Get the right outfits, start the project you want to play the most, or bring your partner and family to a team match.

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