What are the rules and etiquette in an indoor playground?
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It's the best time for every mother in the city to take her child to the indoor playground! Since the concept and way of raising children is different for every parents, the rules and the etiquette of the kids indoor playground should be emphasized. Let’s check what we should do in the indoor playground.

The following are the tips for etiquette in the indoor playground:

  •  The rules and etiquette of indoor playground dos

  •  The rules and etiquette of indoor playground don’ts

1.  The rules and etiquette of indoor playground dos

(1) Be sure to give others priority over yourself.

This can be difficult when you know how special your child is. You know what you did to make sure he was kind and gentle in the soft indoor playground. Just like he would rather make a freewheeling friend. It's time to remember the "reason" behind all this work. When another child is bossy or demanding too much, all the training you do will start to work. Let him shine.

(2)  Be sure to talk to others.

As I mentioned above,  indoor playground and outdoor parks are great places to make friends. From an early age, I trained my children how to say "Would you like to play with me" and encouraged them to say to whomever they want. I remember once my child had to approach a little boy more than once. Read How to Teach Children to Be Brave.

She asked three times before he agreed. After that, they had a happy time together. He was just shy, and if she wasn't bold, they would both miss the chance.

(3)  Be sure to follow the rules.

Most kids indoor playgrounds have rules about how old and small children must be to play. Because my eldest son has grown up and can no longer go to these places, his heart is still full of "play". "He couldn't compete, just because he was tall, which made him sad. It cost me my life, because I knew he would be gentle, attentive, and take care of children. However, rules are rules. Let He plays an example. If I let him play, another mother came in with a less gentle older child, and she might follow me. My son is now allowed to play the role of caregiver in the indoor playground. Similarly, I also Will play with toddlers and preschoolers.

(4) Take turns.

For love ... take turns in the indoor playground. I once saw a girl in her teens push my two-year-old away and let her slide down the slide first. I don't even intend to elaborate on this ... I can't accept talking about it. You are very smart. You know better. Just take turns in the indoor playground. Read about whether your child should share it here.

(5) Seize every teachable moment.

You have a chance to make friends (let's face it, it's hard for a mother) in the indoor playground. Your child has a chance to make friends. The opportunity to train your child how to like others. You can exercise guts, kindness, preferences, patience, and a variety of children's training virtues in the indoor play area. Seize every opportunity. Don't be afraid of it.

2. The rules and etiquette of indoor playground don'ts

(1) do not get sick.

Low fever ... stay at home. Cough ... stay at home. Nausea, runny nose, staying at home. I know it can be uncomfortable when you start to feel trapped, but we all know that it's not worth it to make another mother's life more difficult in order to get a few minutes of rest.

(2) Do not bring toys.

Put special "love" and "carry-on" toys in the car. First, most of the time, these special things are lost because they are left in the park or in the indoor playground. Don't risk losing that particular thing. Second, leaving the toy in the car can relieve your child's stress. If another child asks to play or watch the toy, you can say no to him. There are many other sharing opportunities in the indoor playground. We choose to leave the toys at home or in the car. Read more about sharing.

(3) Don't be afraid to stand up for your child.

I can't tell you how many times I said such things, "You can't put your hands on her!" "To someone else's child. You do your part. You train your child to be polite, consider others, and be in love Act in the indoor playground. When her private space is violated, you teach her to be brave. You train her to say "Don't touch me!" "If you want to do this, teach her these words." , You have to say so! You have the right

(4)  Don't stand out.

Take a deep breath when the above or other scenes cause you a headache, remember not to make a fuss. You are only responsible for your own children. By solving this problem and immediately returning to smiling and playing, you are showing your little one how to get things going.

(5) Don't let your child touch other children.

We are a loving family. We kiss, hug, snuggle. Therefore, my children always like to hug their friends. But personal space is important in the indoor playground. When raising an emotional child, train her to understand that only a few people can express her physical love. New friends in the gaming area are not part of that minority. As she grows, you can better teach her when she is hurt, but this is not something that should be a concern for a toddler or preschooler.

Now since you have the dos and the don’ts of playing in the indoor playground, you can take your children there and have fun!

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