What are the precautions when you play in an indoor playground?
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The soft indoor playground can be a very good place for children to play, but unfortunately, injuries could occur every day in indoor playgrounds across the country. Parents, caregivers and children need to do everything possible to ensure that playing time is fun and also no one is harmed. Following the children indoor playground safety rules is one of the best ways to ensure that children can enjoy the indoor playground safely. So what are the rules? Let’s find out.

The following are the rules to play in a indoor playground:

  •  Safety Rules for Parents and Caregivers in indoor playground

  •  Safety Rules for Kids in  indoor playground

1.  Safety Rules for Parents and Caregivers in indoor playground

For parents who are concerned about safety, here are some important rules of the game:

(1) Actively supervise children on the indoor playground:

When children are playing on the soft indoor playground, you should always pay attention to them.

(2) Choose a indoor playground with a shock-absorbing surface:

 your child is much less likely to get seriously injured on a indoor playground with artificial turf, sand, mulch or wood chips. In the event of an accident, indoor playgrounds with concrete surfaces can cause more serious damage. If your child falls on a shock-absorbing surface, his / her whereabouts will be cushioned.

(3) Appropriate dress:

Appropriately dressed to ensure that children are dressed appropriately. You should remove wallets, scarves and necklaces as they may become entangled with equipment on the indoor playground.

(4) Choose sports equipment suitable for your child's age:

Your child should only play on sports equipment suitable for their current age and skill level.

(5) Teach your child safe behavior on the indoor playground:

Children should know that shoving or crowding is prohibited.

If parents keep these safety rules in mind, they can greatly reduce their chances of getting hurt in the indoor playground.

2. Safety Rules for Kids in indoor playground

Children need clear ground rules before going to the indoor playground. It's a good practice to review basic safety rules while driving or walking to the park. Some basic rules for children in the indoor playground include:

(1) Sit down on a swing and slow down before you get down. Trying to stand up or jump off a swing is dangerous.

(2) Use both hands when climbing.

(3) Avoid climbing on wet equipment. Wet equipment can slip and may cause a fall.

(4) Never climb up to the front of the slide. If children try to climb up the slide, they run the risk of being injured by someone who slides down the slide. Also, they may slip the wrong way when climbing up the front slide.

(5) Avoid walking before the swing. Children walking too close on a swing may be hit.

(6) Avoid damaging the equipment. Children need to be aware that they should not play on a damaged device, and if there is a problem with the device, they should let the adult know immediately.

(7) Avoid shoving. Children shall take turns to use the amusement facilities, and shall not force or force others to use the amusement facilities.

Parents should set clear safety rules for their children, and the operators of indoor playgrounds should also make clear that both adults and children need to take reasonable proactive safety precautions, and adults need active supervision to avoid injuries on the indoor playground.

So, next time if you take your children to an indoor playground, do keep the rules that described above and always keep safety as the first priority before you get some true fun from the activities in the indoor playground, and the you can enjoy yourself.

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