What are the materials for climbing walls?
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Historic rock climbing is a modern competitive sport derived from mountain climbing. Mountaineering originated in the European Alps, and it was not until the 1950s that climbing was officially introduced. The emergence of rock climbing technology has a history of nearly 140 years.Rock climbing really became an independent sport, first seen in France in 1970. Before then, rock climbing was attached to climbing activities in order to overcome the difficulties in climbing. The term "sport climbing" came into being in this period and gave a clear definition. Since then, rock climbing has a new life of its own, and has developed separately from mountain climbing. More and more people, though not climbers, or even never climbed mountains, have found a lot of fun in climbing wall . That's the climbing wall.

So what is the specific rock climbing wall? Next, we briefly introduce the types and main materials of  climbing wall.

The main points are as follows:

▶ Climbing wall instruction

▶ Types of Rock Climbing Walls

▶ The main materials of climbing walls

▶ Conclusion

Description of climbing wall

Climbing wall is mainly composed of rock-wall support and rock-climbing fulcrum.

(1)Various kinds of slab artificial climbing walls are assembled from hundreds of slabs less than 1 square metre. Rock slabs can be assembled into various inclinations with different climbing difficulties, such as the downward wall, eaves, straight walls and other rock states seen in nature, fixed on the support, creating a variety of spatial shapes.

(2)Wall support is the main structure of rock climbing wall, which is divided into independent structure and supporting structure. Steel structure is generally used.

(3)Rock-climbing fulcrum is an important accessory of climbing wall. Its manufacturing materials and processes are similar to those of rock slab, with different shapes. There are simulation and cartoon, which are fixed on the rock slab by stainless steel bolts, and the grasp point of both hands and the climbing point of the foot when the operator climbs.

Types of Climbing Wall

(1)Simulating type

The rock slab is made from natural mountain shape sampling, with high simulation degree, such as true wall, downward wall, eaves and so on.

(2)Competitive type

It has certain climbing difficulty and strong challenge, which can meet the requirements of competitive competition; Professional design, using high-strength simulation composite material slab, the designed route and difficulty are for climbing professionals, enthusiasts, military, police, high-altitude operations and other special industries training and competition.

(3)Children's type

This climbing wall are safe and reliable, bright colors, lively and generous, with various shapes and slabs. The slab surface is sprayed with cartoon patterns with environmental protection materials, which is suitable for kindergarten children and primary school students. It is used for their muscle development and coordinated training of hands, eyes and bodies.

Main materials for climbing walls

⑴ Plywood

The artificial rock field is made of hot-pressed plywood, and a layer of multi-ester coagulum is coated on the outside, that is, most of the domestic paint is replaced, and the back is supported by a metal steel frame.

⑵ Punch lock rock block

This is the simplest and lowest cost rock field type of construction. Simply drill holes in the concrete wall in accordance with standard technical specifications, insert the expansion anchor pile and lock the rock.

⑶ Flat composite board

This rock field is a combination of unit rock climbing boards. The basic material for making synthetic rock plates is glass fiber reinforced polyester.

⑷ Synthetic material----3D curved sculpture rock plate

The 3D curved sculpture rock wall can be understood as a non-planar solid rock plate according to its meaning. This is a revolutionary invention. Because of its non-planar rock plate three-dimensional changing surface, the artificial rock field enters a higher realm. Whether it's a beautiful appearance like a real rock or a rock climber's ability to climb a natural rock, this 3D curved sculpture rock is the best choice.

⑸ Synthetic material----free modeling rock plate

Its material is exactly the same as the plane sculpture rock slab and the curved sculpture rock slab. However, its different place is that it can do various styling patterns according to the owner's needs, such as cartoon patterns, corporate logos, art patterns and so on.


For the busy working people in the modern city, time is money, the construction of climbing wall , can save a lot of travel time, let the adventurous people feel thrilling and exciting at any time. The artificial rock climbing wall reduces various dangers such as falling rocks and falling in the natural rock field in the wild, and can experience the beauty of climbing and challenge the self limit without any external danger. On the other hand, it is not affected by weather and time. It can be used all year round. It can be installed indoors and outdoors. In areas without natural rock fields, you can enjoy rock climbing. So why not take it, bring your little friends to rock climbing together. If you have any interest in climbing wall, please feel free to contact us and we are happy to answer your questions.

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