What are the benefits of climbing wall?
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We have grown up from the beginning of climbing. Starting from nine months of learning and crawling, we will begin to climb to higher and higher places such as chairs, cabinets, tables, stairs, etc. at the age of one, regardless of how high, not afraid to fall. A climbing wall is a similar sport, and many people like climbing walls. The benefits of climbing wall sports are also very good for us.

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2.Improve relationship

3.Reduce pressure

4.sum up


  • Physical fitness

The indoor climbing wall belongs to an aerobic exercise. The purpose of aerobic exercise is to enhance cardio endurance. When doing climbing wall exercise, due to muscle contraction, a large amount of nutrients and oxygen are needed, the number of contractions of the heart increases, and the amount of blood delivered per pressure is also more than usual. At the same time, the demand for oxygen is also increased, and the number of breaths is increased. More than normal, the degree of contraction of the lungs is also greater. Therefore, when the climbing wall continues and the muscles contract for a long time, the heart and lungs must work hard to supply oxygen to the muscles and remove the waste from the muscles. And this continuous demand can improve the endurance of the heart and lungs. When the cardiorespiratory strength is increased, the body can engage in longer or higher intensity exercises and is less prone to fatigue. And climbing the wall is still the best and most affordable way to lose weight.

  • Exercise sense

When climbing the wall, the distance and height are constantly changing. Every time you climb to a new place, it will bring new feelings and experiences to the vision, help to increase our space concept, and develop the brain, new. Observe the environment from the angle. Climbing wall exercise can practice motor skills, and it can also help children's all-round development. Because climbing needs to mobilize all parts of the body to coordinate operation, it needs a comprehensive cooperation of hands, feet, eyes and body. For children, climbing wall sports can promote the coordination of children's bodies, making them more flexible and more agile. It has great benefits for promoting physical development, and enables children to explore the environment and satisfy their curiosity.

  • Exercise spirit

Doing climbing walls is also a way to understand the living environment. In the process of climbing, we will have a lot of fun. When we overcome difficulties from the next attempt, accumulate the face and improve our skills, we will become more brave and confident, and develop a spirit of fearlessness, tenacity and perseverance, and lay a good foundation for personal struggle in the future basis.

Improve relationship

The entire climbing wall movement never tacitly understands the tacit understanding, from sound to silence, so we need to take responsibility for the companions around us. In this process of mutual assistance and mutual assistance, we can enhance the collective relationship and help the group activities in other areas in the future.

There is a teammate who participates in the rock climbing wall. Everyone else wants to protect him. He will compare his heart and heart, push others and others. You will protect others, others will protect you, so you can't make jokes under the climbing wall. As with high-altitude, as long as someone is climbing, as long as someone has not stood firm, they must not go to the palm of their hand, because we have to use our hands for protection. You don’t have to protect your hands, mobile phones, watches, glasses, keychains. And the card should be taken down, because these hidden weapons may hurt others.

Reduce pressure

As we all know, sports can relieve stress and keep a benign and peaceful state of mind. This is because people participate in sports, especially sports that they are good at and love. With the fever of the body, the acceleration of blood circulation, and the expansion of blood vessels, the nervousness, mental fatigue, and emotional disorders brought about by work and labor can be positively adjusted. At the same time, in the process of completing the climbing wall, and The acquaintance of the surrounding companions and the hard work of the opponents create a wonderful pleasure. This pleasure not only makes the participants self-respect, self-confidence, pride, but also eliminates anxiety, eases the mood, and makes people feel happy. On the other hand, sports can make the body produce a hormone called  peptide, which can please the nerves, regulate the mind, make people feel happy and satisfied, and turn stress and unhappiness into Smoke clouds away from the individual.

Sum Up

Go to climbing wall gyms, and challenge different difficulties. If we fail or get hurt, we will grow from it. At the same time, the benefits of climbing wall sports are also reflected in all aspects, not only for our health, but also for strengthening our psychology. What other reasons do we have to contact the sport?

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