What are the amazing trampoline stunts in the trampoline park?
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What are the amazing trampoline stunts in the trampoline park?

Sometimes, do you have such questions, when you see the handsome little brothers in the trampoline park seem to rebound very easily, and can do many unexpected moves. When it's your turn to try it, it doesn't seem so easy to do it. It seems that you can't bounce higher when you run out, and your body feels more strenuous. why? Today we share with you some basic tips for trampoline bounce.


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Basic bounce reflection

Regular bounce rhythm

Foot movement


Basic bounce reflection


The bounce on the trampoline in the trampoline park can be repeated repeatedly because of the interaction. Before you try any more difficult moves, you must first know how to stop safely. When your feet touch the trampoline, you will bend your knees and stop. The thing to note is that you may not be able to bend them again, they will bounce again. We hope that the trampoline will stop moving when you first contact. Once you understand how to stop, you can learn how to be necessary. Use it at the time.


Regular bounce rhythm


The key to good bounce is to build rhythm with the trampoline of trampoline park- this helps to understand the "stage" of bounce - each bounce is divided into 4 parts:


(1) From the takeoff to the "vertex" of the bounce;

(2) From TOP to when you touch the trampoline again (first contact);

(3) From the "first contact" to the full reduction of the trampoline (the lower the better);

(4) From "completely depressed" to the takeoff point (or last contact).


The most critical period of accurate bouncing is the time between “first contact” and “last contact”, because it is here that you need to build a good rhythm.


As we fell into contact with the trampoline in the trampoline park, our arm gently “waisted” the circle and moved forward from us. When we first touched the trampoline, our hand returned to us again – The circle will become bigger and bigger as you continue to bounce. Through the following operations, the rebound will become higher and higher.


To do this: Lift your arm to the front → lift your arm over your head, from "completely sunken" to near TOP as much as possible → Try to push your toes deep into the trampoline before taking off → keep your toes pointed, arms Stretch until TOP → Put your arm down → Always keep your upper body and head as still as possible.


Every action you do should start in the same way, with your arms (and fingers) swinging straight from the side of your front to the top of your head as much as possible, then return to the side of the leg when you are near the trampoline again.


Whether it's performing a "styling" bounce (holding the knees, bending legs and crossing the legs), including some degree of tendon rotation (sit down, forward drop or more), the same basic principle applies - in making Lift your arm to “TOP” before styling or moving.


Foot movement


The important thing is that in addition to landing, you need to land on your toes. In order to achieve the most effective bounce, you should put your feet "flat" on the bed and then maintain this position until the bed rises again. As the ascent speed begins to accelerate, push your toes deep into the bed (keep your legs straight) and let yourself be taller, then keep your toes pointing to the trampoline in the trampoline park until you land again.


The above article describes some amazing trampoline stunts for going to the trampoline park to play a trampoline, hope to help you. The trampoline park can exercise the body and welcome you to relax yourself often.

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