What are the advantages of climbing wall expansion training?
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Indoor children's rock climbing wall is a dangerous and challenging children's playground equipment, which is very helpful for children's physical training and skills training. Rock climbing enthusiasts are mostly young people and adults. Because ordinary people rarely have the opportunity to climb mountains and lack of protective measures, providing artificial walls for climbing has become the first choice for the majority of enthusiasts. In the past two years, climbing walls in indoor children's playgrounds and trampoline parks are becoming more and more popular. What are the benefits of climbing walls for children? Here we briefly introduce the physical and psychological advantages of climbing walls .

Here are some key points:

☁ Physiological advantage

☁ Psychological advantage

☁ Enhance unity

☁ Summary

Physiological advantage

❶ Children's rock climbing wall can enhance their physical quality.

Rock climbing should overcome its own gravity to coordinate hands and feet and use force and balance force, and enough to load its own heavy star, against gravity, at this time the body and limbs muscles are in a state of extreme excitement, during the climbing process, the continuous stretching and contraction of muscle cells is an excellent means of exercise for children's muscle strength and skeletal development.

❷Children's rock climbing wall can increase children's body softness and coordination.

Rock climbing is similar to rainbow rope climbing. In addition to exercise muscle strength, the cyclic training of hand climbing pedal makes the whole body's motor organs, especially the brain's balance ability develop rapidly. In foreign countries, doctors use children's rock climbing to carry out muscle development, eye and body coordination and correction.

❸ Children's rock climbing wall can increase the body's flexibility and coordination.

This is the key ability of rock climbing, which is more important than physical strength. European and American medical institutions have used rock climbing to correct teenagers'muscle development and physical fitness coordination training.

❹ Strengthen physical strength.

Rock climbing is a kind of whole-body sport. It trains the muscles of hands and feet to be strong and strong. The whole-body movement emphasizes the balance of strength and beauty. Children who love rock climbing often have a strong and beautiful figure, graceful and light movements, and better physical strength than ordinary people.

❺ Improve the sense of balance.

The basic action of "three points do not move, one point move" on the rock wall relies on the sense of balance. Children with good sense of balance have good motor cells, flexible hands and feet, good walking and graceful manners.

Psychological advantage

❶ Children's rock climbing wall can improve their attention.

When the child's body is in mid-air, only the rock points can be used as support, so the child must concentrate on every rock climbing point at his feet when climbing, a little bit of attention, it will fall.

When the hands and feet are firmly climbing on the rock, moving at three o'clock, paying attention to every detail of the climbing route to avoid mistakes and falls, the special need at this time is to concentrate. Rock climbing is the best training activity for children who are active but not attentive.

❷ Children's climbing wall can cultivate children's self-confidence.

Fear of heights is the psychological reaction of most children. Children need to break through and overcome it with some kind of try and amusement products. Children's rock climbing wall is the best way to achieve it. Encourage your child to try child rock climbing, step by step, step by step to overcome the high fear, but when the child climbs to the top, all the fear instantly turns into joy and excitement after the success of the challenge, the next time will not be afraid, self-confidence and courage have been unprecedented improved.

Faced with a rock wall taller than his own height, he still resolutely climbed upward, not afraid to face the difficult challenges in the process. The success of one challenge after another not only brings pleasure and satisfaction, but also improves children's self-confidence to challenge.

❸Children's rock climbing wall can let children return to nature and release pressure.

When children are focused on rock climbing, once naughty, once isolated and self-confined no longer. The functions of the body are fully mobilized and activated, and the accumulated pressure finds the outlet for release, leaving behind the challenges of rock climbing and the joy after conquest .

Enhancing the sense of solidarity

Climbing walls can also enhance children's sense of solidarity.

When children climb the rock wall to form a team to carry out activities, they can enhance their unity. In the process of activities, the games teach them to learn to unite in group activities, just as "people gather firewood with high flame", only by moving forward and backward together, can they go further.


Children in rock climbing activities, through rock touch, stretching limbs, swinging the body, can stimulate the brain learning ability, physical and mental have obvious help. Years of experience have proved that climbing wall is an excellent activity to improve children's sensory integration. In a fun rock climbing wall , it can improve children's physical fitness, hand-foot grip, sense of balance, high adaptability, concentration, enterprising spirit, hand-eye coordination and rhythm, and further train children's courage and self-confidence to overcome difficulties. So, take your children with you to do this good exercise—climbing wall . If you have any doubts about climbing wall, please consult us.

Title:What are the advantages of climbing wall expansion training?
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