What are climbing walls made of?
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The climbing wall reduces the dangers such as falling rocks and falling in the natural rock field in the wild, and can experience the pleasure of climbing and challenge the self-limit under the simulation condition without any external danger. The climbing wall is not affected by climate and time. It can be used all year round. It can be installed indoors and outdoors. In areas without natural rock fields, rock climbing can also be enjoyed. For the busy working people in the modern city, time is money, and the construction of the climbing wall can save a lot of travel time for people who are adventurous to experience thrills and excitement at any time.

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  Production process




This kind of climbing wall is made of hot pressed wood plywood, and then coated with a layer of multi-ester condensation, that is, most of the domestic paint is replaced, and the back is supported by a metal steel frame.

2.Punch lock rock block

This is the simplest construction method with the lowest cost and the lowest cost. 

3.Flat composite board

This climbing wall is made up of unit climbing boards. The basic material for making synthetic rock plates is glass fiber reinforced polyester.

4. Synthetic material----3D curved sculpture rock plate

The 3D curved sculpture rock wall can be understood as a non-planar solid rock plate according to its meaning. This is a revolutionary invention. Because of its non-planar rock plate three-dimensional changing surface, the artificial rock climbing wall enters a higher realm. Whether it's a beautiful appearance like a real rock or a rock climber's ability to climb a natural rock, this 3D curved sculpture rock is the best choice.

5.  Synthetic material----free modeling rock plate

Its material is exactly the same as the plane sculpture rock slab and the curved sculpture rock slab. However, its different place is that it can do various styling patterns according to the owner's needs, such as cartoon patterns, corporate logos, art patterns and so on.


The first step: select the support and build the steel frame.

The second step: Select the cover and install the rock plate.

The third step: processing the rock plate and installing the rock point.

The fourth step: Beautify your climbing wall and add a bouldering pad.

Production process

1.Original type

Every year, the global climbing wall shape is constantly updated in the style of the above thousand models. Whether it is foreign cattle fork or domestic first-line brand or workshop DIY, the difference in manufacturing process is basically small, only professional design, craft details The fineness, aesthetics, color saturation and choice of raw materials can be used to design a good climbing wall.

2.  Copy type (cottage craft)

The existing climbing wall is directly used as a master mold, and the surface of the mother mold is covered with a certain thickness of silica gel to make a soft mold, and all the grain information on the surface of the mother mold is copied on the mold, and some details are lost due to the process. The thermosetting cross-linked resin, the filler, and the pigment are mixed and poured into the mold.


Climbing can enhance self-confidence, enhance physical fitness, increase concentration, increase enterprising spirit, improve body softness and coordination, and enhance balance. However, there are many uncertain factors in the field of rock climbing, which will cause a lot of danger. Climbing walls can reduce these uncertainties, and there are many different styles that bring a lot of fun.

Title:What are climbing walls made of?
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