We mean it man
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Dear Customers,

Good day to you. 

Today is Jul.11th 2017 in China. 

We received an order-Outdoor tube slide whose height is over 8m last week.

In the process of the setting up in factory, we found the slide pose a  safety hazard.  So we stop the production and canceled the order, tuning back money to that customer. 

Thankfully, the customer understood and expressed his support for us when we tried to explain to him. 

We lean from it that we treat every future order will be more cautious! 

We prefer to loss, rather than hurting others.

We prefer to sweat more, rather than letting you filling with tears because of our product. 

Yes, mich people is serious.  

Mich is a responsibale enterprise! 

Best regards 

Mich team

Title:We mean it man
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