Tricks for Trampoline Park
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If you want to show yourself when going a trampoline park with your friends or classmates, this passage will help you a lot undoubtedly. Having moderate difficulty actions during the process of playing on trampoline will add joy and bring more exercise to your body.

Basic tricks

  • Bounce

1.When jumping, lift your knees to your chest and make a small jump. After jumping, if you are still in the air, pull your knees up to your chest, grab them by hand, release your knees and straighten your legs when landing. Following this technique, you can also accomplish similar v-shaped and L-shaped jumps. This can help exercise your muscles and balance your abilities.

2.Keep popping your feet back and let it fall on your ass. Gradually increase the power during the jump. Extend your legs forward and sit on your buttocks. When you bounce again, extend your legs back to the standing position.

  • Spin

Target things in the vicinity, such as houses, trees, etc., and rotate your body to make a semi-twisting in the opposite direction. During the rotation, lock the object and focus on landing so that it doesn't fall. Use your core to keep your body balanced. If you are having difficulty in completing the semi-twist, try a quarter twist to ensure your safety. If you this this trick is simple, try a 360 degree rotation.

Advanced tricks

  • Front and Back flip

Rolling forward is not difficult to complete. All you have to do is jump from the trampoline and do it by jumping, folding, spinning and landing. Finally try to learn to fall on your back, knees and feet in order to flip. Before you land again, try to ensure that there is enough height to give yourself more space to complete the flip. The back flip is opposite to the forward flip. It is more challenging to turn over and turn forward. You need to jump backwards, fold, rotate half-air and land to complete the back-turn. So the higher the height you get, the better. When you just learn how to turn it backwards, try to stand up.

  • Front and back pullover

The front pullover starts when you jump into the air, and you basically do the front and landing. As you land, the action continues to push you forward, pushing you into another flip. It's a bit like you are rolling. When you fall on your back, bend your legs to the chest, this action helps you flip over as long as possible. The back pullover and the front pullover are almost the opposite. Jump straight up, let your legs curl up in your chest, and use the power of bounce to push you back after you land, letting you land. From all the power of your jump, it should let you go back and bounce back to your position. The back pullover is much harder than the front pullover.

Tips for safety

  • Buy a trampoline with good quality, it also should has a safety net.

  • Do not place the trampoline near trees, pillars and so on. Children are not sufficiently safe near these things.

  • Purchase safety mats to cover the constitutes of trampoline, such as springs and hooks.

  • Before playing on a trampoline, make sure your child wears the right clothes to avoid unnecessary injuries.

  • Children should not be allowed to play on a big trampoline with older children; older children are stronger and may harm smaller children.

  • Supervise the use of trampoline and carry out routine inspections of trampoline.

This passage is just a primary guide for early learners. If you want to know more tricks about trampoline, you can go to the club of trampoline in your area to get more guidance.

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