Toddler Indoor Playground Maintenance And Cleaning
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Exercise can improve your child's health and make them happy. At the same time, working with parents can enhance the feelings of children and parents. Therefore, exercise is an activity that children cannot afford. However, the current weather often encounters rain, heat and fog. Therefore, the toddler indoor playground is very convenient. The children's indoor sports field will be inspected regularly every day, there will be professional care, and the equipment will be maintained regularly, so you can play with your children with great peace of mind.

Content list of this article:

  •   Previous preparation

  •   Periodic inspection

  •   Routine maintenance

  •   Conclusion

1. Previous preparation 

(1) Ensure that the child does not fall or bruise.

In order to ensure that children are not injured, cushions are usually placed in children's indoor sports. Plastic floor tiles and so on, only foam plastic products can not. This is because the child is very curious, he will use his hand to squat down the foam, and once the adult does not see it, he may put it in the mouth.

(2) Avoid bumps.

Do not place objects that are easily injured by children around the playing area of the children's indoor playground. If necessary, exercise equipment, and wrap the corners of the child in advance.

(3) Ensure that children can't get foreign objects.

The ground and the children can get clean, not shredded paper, cigarette butts, etc. that may pose a danger to the child.

(4) It is best to set up fences and other places for children in certain places, just in case they don't pay attention to running out of the sports ground.

2. Periodic inspection 

(1). Establish an indoor environmental sanitation cleaning and inspection system, and conduct a comprehensive inspection once a week and record to provide children with a clean, safe and comfortable environment.

(2). Children's indoor sports grounds should have anti-mosquito, fly, rat, insect and heatstroke prevention and cold-proof equipment, and should be placed out of reach of children. Centralized disinfection should be carried out after the child leaves the stadium.

(3). Keep indoor air fresh and sunny. Clean the floor with a wet sweep. The toilet is clean and ventilated, has no odor, and is cleaned regularly to keep the ground dry. The toilet is cleaned in time after use.

(4). Keep the surface of the toy clean and hygienic, and wash the toy at least once a week.

(5). Check the sports equipment every day at work, and conduct regular inspections on the safety of the equipment.

(6). found equipment danger, such as smashing, pouring, nail exposed, wood rot, rope break, etc. should be repaired and replaced in a timely manner.

(7). Alert or seal the damaged equipment that cannot be solved for a while.

(8). Large sports equipment should indicate the safe use of sports.

(9). some sports must have parental care must ensure that there are adults to care.

(10). Regularly check the activity sites of young children, clean up the sundries in time, and do not allow debris to be piled up in toddler indoor playground.

3. Routine maintenance 

i. Daily cleaning:

(1) Do not use small, fragile, and easily adhered cleaning tools such as cotton threads; 

(2) Use a vacuum cleaner to remove fine dust and keep indoor air clean;

(3) Clean up the ground attachments, prohibit vigorous knocking and eradication, and carefully clean them.

ii. Regular cleaning:

Once a month, use fire water to rinse, while using a special water pump to scrape and clean. Drain the remaining water.

iii. Keep the field clean: no smoking, sputum, chewing gum and diet; do not litter, please put into the trash. Do not wear spikes, high heels, etc., which may damage the venue footwear into the basketball court.

4. Conclusion

Toddler indoor playgrounds provide convenience for children and parents in bad weather conditions, although the maintenance of children's indoor playgrounds is also important. The staff needs to self-inspect and organize the grooming instruments every day. The managers need to summarize the problems of yesterday and arrange the work today. Every day, we need to inspect and check the condition of the whole equipment and facilities.

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