Tips For Toddler Indoor Playground Safety
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Now more and more parents will put their children in toddler indoor playground, many restaurants, gardens, supermarkets and schools all have toddler indoor playground to give children fun, as a relaxation mode of spare time, so that children can enjoy their physical and mental health. You can play anywhere at any time, so the safety of building toddler indoor playground is particularly important. If it do not meet the standards or the construction is not up to the standard, it will have unpredictable consequences. Next, I’ll tell you about the tips for toddler indoor playground safety in three ways.

Here are the content list:

  • In line with international standards

  • Design a safe indoor playground

  • Maintain your Device

In line with international standards

When choosing an toddler indoor playground, make sure that you have the highest quality of the toddler indoor playground equipment and meet the safety standards of th toddler indoor playground. The safety of the toddler indoor playground user is the primary task for any of the  toddler indoor playground owners. toddler indoor playground that do not meet the requirements of safety standards may cause harm to the children playing. The International toddler indoor playground provides only indoor playgrounds that meet international security standards. Product safety and quality have always been the top priority of the International toddler indoor playground.

The toddler indoor playground equipment mainly has the following standards: 

1) ASTM F1918-12 in the United States ASTM F1918-12 is the first safety standard specifically designed for indoor playgrounds and is used as one of the most recognized indoor playgrounds safety standards in the world. 

2) EN 1176 in Europe EN 1176 is the safety standard for indoor and outdoor playgrounds manufactured in Europe. It may not be used exclusively for indoor playgrounds, as in ASTM1918-12, but it is also used as one of the main international standards for indoor playgrounds.

3) AS 3533.4.2-2013 of Australia AS3532.4.2-2013 is another playground safety standard designed for indoor playgrounds. 

4) CSA Z614-07 in Canada (R2012) CSA Z614-07 (R2012) is a safety standard for indoor and outdoor playgrounds in Canada. This is the safety standard used by Canadian customers.

 It takes years of experience in this industry to fully understand these safety standards and to invest heavily in resources and work in order to truly implement and properly integrate them into the design and manufacturing process.

Design a safe indoor playground

Design is one of the most important factors of toddler indoor playground safety. Before the first child appears on your toddler indoor playground, the equipment you choose and the way you set up the space will greatly help your playground to be safe and interesting.

I have compiled a list of safe tips for toddler indoor playground to get you started with a safer game design:

1. Make sure the playground is not crowded. Provide enough space for children to play without colliding with each other and other devices. Check the gap area required for each device and make sure there is at least enough space around it.

2. Consider the age of the child in your toddler indoor playground. Age-appropriate play space is important because the same device is safe for older children and unsafe for young children.

3. Carefully select the playground equipment. Take a closer look at safety standards and buy your equipment from reputable companies that have a long history of security advocacy. Beware of buying second-hand amusement equipment because it may be nearing the end of its life cycle and may not meet current safety standards.

Maintain your Device

Designing the game space is only half of the task accomplished. Once your play area is in place, use the following toddler indoor playground Safety Checklist to ensure it is safe:

Check your playground regularly. Check the surface, toddler indoor playground equipment and all areas of the play area for signs of damage or any wear and tear. Repair any damaged parts immediately. 

Learn about the maintenance procedures for your toddler indoor playground equipment. Read the manual included with the game device or contact the Soft Play representative for the maintenance involved. 

Create a plan to make sure nothing slides through the crack. Create a plan and publish it where you can see it. Use this list to record when checks, repairs, and maintenance are completed and when these actions need to be performed.

These are the safety precautions for toddler indoor playground , you can choose MICH PLAYGROUND indoor amusement measures, the company specializes in indoor amusement equipment, MICH for more than 100 countries and regions to provide high-quality equipment. Such as Europe, Middle East, Asia, the United States and Australia. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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