The Unconventional Guide to Outdoor playgrounds
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Free to play

Adventure and risk

Seeking happiness


In recent years, outdoor playgrounds seem to be more sought after by parents and children than typical indoor playgrounds. It is thought to create a free play space based on the earth's environment that stimulates children's interest, so that children can harvest many experiences that can only be obtained in nature. In which ways did these conclusions come from?

Free to play

There is no doubt that the outdoor playground will provide children with a sense of freedom that they have not experienced, which in turn will make their creativity to the forefront. In addition to engaging children actively in sports, it also has a major impact on school performance, giving them the opportunity to interact with their peers and accustomed to seizing opportunities.

This open outdoor game can also promote children's important cognitive and social development. All of these playgrounds are designed to allow children to decide how to play with them, which means they not only exercise their body but also exercise their minds and encourage children to be creative .

Adventure and risk

The outdoor playground does not have plastic platforms and columns on typical American playgrounds, but there are climbing walls, cable bridges, wooden piles and hillside slides, waiting for curious children to discover. It seems a bit crazy and adventurous, but there are surprises everywhere. 

Many parents, teachers and designers who advocate children's play have advocated that games should be reasonably adventurous in the past decade, which they believe is crucial for the healthy development of children. More and more designers are being hired as custom playgrounds for outdoor playgrounds. Their designs are tailored to local conditions, taking into account the surrounding environment conditions, while making creative and environmental conditions have certain controllability, and does not violate safety regulations.

Seeking happiness

Compared to traditional playgrounds, 70% of visitors believe that outdoor playgrounds provide a "better experience." It is a place where children can be free to play and play freely. No one teaches them how to do it, children are free to play and exert unlimited creativity, each thing is done in a natural environment, not in the classroom or in artificially built facilities.

It is very special, very creative and very different. The fascinating facilities not only bring joy to the children, but also stimulate the creative thinking and curiosity, even the adults are inspired. People commented that "this is the way children should have fun. This is the way everyone should play."


The value of an outdoor playground is that parents who have been here can understand the benefits that this outdoor activity brings to their children. Here, people use it and embrace it. This reflects the original intention of design – to attract people to the outdoors, to put people in the middle of nature, and to ensure that everyone can have a happy experience. 

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Title:The Unconventional Guide to Outdoor playgrounds
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