Precautions For Climbing On A Climbing Wall
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Rock climbing is loved by the general public as an extreme sport. However, many people have accidents every year because of rock climbing. Therefore, many people who are interested in rock climbing finally choose to give up the sport, although they are very sorry. While climbing on the climbing wall, you can put the danger in your own hands. As long as the appropriate protective measures are taken, the risk of climbing on the climbing wall can be reduced to the same as riding a bicycle. This article aims to give you an idea of the protective measures for climbing on the climbing wall.

This article explains in detail from these points of view:

Precautions before climbing

Precautions in rock climbing

Precautions after climbing


1、Precautions before climbing

1)Warm up and move around. For the extension of large joints such as shoulders, waist, hips, and knees, pay special attention to the warm-up of the distal joints such as fingers, wrists, elbow joints, and ankle joints. Generally, there are exercises such as finger pressure, palms, and leg presses. ,

2)Before climbing on the climbing wall, you should choose a rock climbing route. Rocks of different heights and angles, and rock faces of different positions will have different degrees of difficulty.

3)Before climbing on the climbing wall, it is strictly forbidden to climb if you have heart disease, heart and brain disease, fear of heights, and all diseases that are not suitable for rock climbing.

4)Wear the protective gear correctly. The wearing of the protective gear is also very particular, and it should not be too tight or too loose, and it is best to keep the distance between the index finger and the width of the leg. Too tight, it will affect the climbing posture, and it is easy to fall off when it is too loose.

5)Wearing loose clothing, shoes are best to use professional climbing shoes or sports shoes.

6)Hair climbers must hold their hair before they climb to keep them from falling.

2.Precautions in rock climbing

1)In the process of climbing on the climbing wall, you must always be eager to succeed. Any laziness means failure.

2)On-site coaching command: Be sure to listen to the on-site coach's command. After the rock climbing equipment instructor has finished checking, the lower-level protection coach can only start climbing when he sends a climbing command.

3)When climbing on the climbing wall, rely on calm judgment, strong will, through the coordination of the four limbs, maintain three points to stabilize the rock wall, keep the body's center of gravity on the forefoot, reduce the burden on the fingers and arms.

4)Communicate with your partner; if you are not sure, don't do it.

5)Add sub-protection to your protection system and never deliver your life to a separate point of protection; use your own equipment instead of the inherent protection points to set up the top line.

6)It is forbidden to do difficult moves on the climbing wall.

7)It is forbidden to carry metal sharp objects to climb the climbing wall to avoid hurting yourself and others during climbing and descent. 6. It is strictly forbidden to have food in the mouth for climbing.

8)In the process of climbing on the climbing wall, in addition to protecting personnel under the rock wall, it is strictly forbidden for others to enter the safe range of the rock wall. 9. Those involved in the event are strictly prohibited from pushing and observing the order on site.

3、Precautions after climbing

1)Pay attention to the falling trend when landing, and properly support with the feet to avoid scratches.

2)Check the protection system before descending. ,

3)When your rope is too close to the rock wall, it must face the rock wall and the body will tilt slightly backwards.

4)After the rock climb reaches the top, the drop must be given a clear instruction to the underlying protection personnel. After the protection personnel confirm, the decline begins. The decline must be reduced in the manner taught by the coach.

5)If you feel any discomfort in your body, ask the relevant professional immediately and do not underestimate it.


This article puts forward the need to pay attention to climbing on the climbing wall from the front, middle and back aspects of rock climbing. As long as you strictly follow the standard, you can climb on the climbing wall in low-risk conditions. Rock climbing has the attraction that most people can't refuse. Don't forget that human beings have evolved from monks. Climbing can be said to be the most primitive skill of human beings. You can't throw it away. Follow your heart and go climbing on the climbing wall!

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