Our Site Named Duoledao Trampoline Park
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Good news!!!We have opened first biggest trampoline in Shanghai,China in 2014. It is our own site of trampoline with soft playground in China.Named”Duoledao trampoline park”.

In last year,we have opened another 2 shops in China.and have a more exciting thing is have 1 site is in preparation.let we see the equipments and design.

Trampoline is popular for children with there parents,they can improve the relationship,make their closer to each other.

Jumping trampoline have many items,such as free area,dodgeball,basketball area,climbing area,Ninja course,foam pit area.etc....


First biggest trampoline park with soft playground opened in Shanghai,China in 2014,it’s have 3000 square meters,It’s first biggest trampoline theme in China.

Second “Duoleda”trampoline park with soft playground opened in Changsha,China in 2016,it’s have 4000 square meters.it’s cooperation with Hunan Satellite TV in Changsha.Third bouncing trampoline park with soft playground opened in Wenzhou,China in 2016,it’s have 1400 square meters.it’s cooperation with Outlets mall in Wenzhou.

Fourth “Duoledao trampoline park”,we are ready to open in this year,Is arranging to design now.Let us look forward to it.

Welcome to contact us.

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