News: The first biggest trampoline park open in Xinjiang ,China-2016/6/16
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Good News!
As the trampoline sport is getting more and more popular nowadays in China, more people want to open it .

The first biggest trampoline park is opened in Xinjiang,China on 2016-6-16. Until now,this is the thirtieth trampoline park we did.
Mich Playground Co.Ltd as a professional trampoline facility manufacturer,we’re responsible for this trampoline park’s design,production,installation etc.

At the same time, base on our operation experience from Duoledao trampoline park in Shanghai, we also provide one-stop service to our customers,such as coaches training ,daily operation ,maintenance of trampoline etc.

As we know, most of trampolines are located in traditional inside, but this trampoline is different from others, it is placed in a big Air Dome. This air dome is new technology, it’s not only save invest cost, also easy to install,and most important is environmental ! 

If you have empty and free location, if you’re interested in trampoline, Mich Playground Co.Ltd-we would like to provide you top class service ! Join us! 

Title:News: The first biggest trampoline park open in Xinjiang ,China-2016/6/16
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