Modification Ideas of toddler playground Equipment
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Children's amusement park is a professional educational service institution for children aged 0 to 6 years. Unlike other amusement institutions, children's amusement park must take children's safety as the first priority. Most of them are indoors, and through some creative toddler playground equipment and ingenious use of sound, light, air, water, color combination to achieve the purpose of entertainment early education and exercise children. But sometimes in order to cater to the children's favorite, we need to make some changes to the existing playground. Because the modification of amusement park is not a small project, it is necessary to repair or replace the toddler playground equipment , etc, so before the modification, we should think twice before proceeding, then we must have a reform idea. The following is a brief analysis of the methods and factors that need to be taken into account in the renovation of toddler playground equipment .

Here are a few discussion points:

  •  Benefits of toddler playground

  • What needs to be considered before modifying

  • How to modify Children's Playground

  • Security inspection

  • Conclusion

Advantages of Children's Playground

I wonder if many parents have ever thought about this question: Why take the children to the children's paradise? For the convenience of taking children? In order to let him enjoy the fun of playing? Or is it because the children want to go? In fact, taking children to play in children's playgrounds can play an important role in the following aspects: 

1. Activities can make children more flexible and agile.

2. Taking children to play in children's playgrounds can enable children to experience various living environments, increase knowledge, and exercise their ability to think and act. It is a way to improve their imagination, thinking ability and creativity.

3. Children often play together in children's playgrounds, which can promote the control of emotions and the development of interests.

4. The toddler playground equipment in Children's Paradise has also played an important role in training and improving children's coordination and responsibility.

Things to Consider before Modification

In order to cater to the children's favorite, we sometimes need to make some changes to the toddler playground . Because the modification of the playground is not a small project, and toddler playground equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. What factors should we take into account before the modification?

1. Quality of products and safety of equipment

Toddler playground equipment should be non-toxic and up to food-grade standards. 

2. The needs of children of different ages

Because children of every age group have different needs for toddler playground equipment , children's amusement equipment in the playground must take into account the needs of children at different stages.

(1) 0-2 years old: physical growth rate is slower than in infancy, language and movement ability is obviously improved, they can walk, but there is no sense of safety and self-protection consciousness, prone to accidents: you can choose building blocks, walkers, picture books, or some toys to stimulate children's ability to imitate speech, such as pronunciation dolls.

(2) 3-6 years old: Children's physical development continues to grow, but there are still slight hand and foot inflexibility, careless and restless characteristics: optional slides, combination slides, children's amusement park, naughty castle, children's amusement park, climbing.

(3) 6-14 years old: like to play games with skills and intelligence: children's development paradise, rope net exploration, development paradise, climbing, exploration facilities and so on.

3. Appearance of children's amusement equipment

For children, beautiful appearance, colorful lights and beautiful music are the primary factors attracting them. Only by giving them a good impression at the first time can they become your customers. So the appearance of toddler playground equipment is also one of the factors to be considered.

4. Cost-performance ratio of equipment

The cost-performance ratio of toddler playground equipment must be considered. Simply put, the more equipment that can accommodate more people, the higher the cost-performance ratio. 

5. The circuit of amusement park should also be carefully checked to ensure that there are no safety problems such as short circuit or leakage.

How to Modify Children's Playground

1. On toddler playground equipment

Timely replacement of those less popular children's "cold door" equipment; to cater to popular favor, add some popular equipment.

(1) Set up recreational items according to the age of children.

For children under the age of one, parents are needed to accompany them. All they need is a soft place, colorful toys, climbing ladders, colorful balls, rocking cars and so on.

For older children, they need more challenging projects, like climbing well, such as small rock climbing, drilling holes, slides, trampoline and so on, to divide areas, so as to avoid disputes caused by children's injuries.

(2) Increase some items according to the season.

For example, in summer, prepare an inflatable swimming pool for children to swim children only need to soak in water, water to make fun of it), in winter, you can do some baking on the spot. Children participate in it, enhance their hands-on ability, products are fragrant, children also like to eat, and can cooperate with the playground of their peers to exchange amusement equipment, which adds new amusement projects for you and her.

2. Business methods, etc.

We can cooperate with training institutions, such as art, painting and manual preschool education. Children in the venue are their target customers. They can learn their favorite interesting experience content in the venue, which not only enriches the amusement projects, but also has a certain profit.

3. On the customer side

Membership management mechanism diversification, you can spend how much money in the mother and child shop can play once for free. The cumulative amount of consumption can be sent to VIP one, VIP can participate in baking, swimming learning, game discounts, etc., thus forming a kind of linkage consumption.

4. On the spot

Must ensure that the site is clean and sanitary, disinfect every day, for sick children are strictly prohibited to enter, all parents and children must change into clean socks, and the youngest friends to wear wet urine. In order to make parents feel better about the cleanliness and hygiene of the venue, put up a sign in a waking place to inform everyone of the time and way of disinfection, because it is more important for parents to feel hygienic than whether it is really hygienic or not.

Security check

After the modification, the children's playground will be completely new, but because the toddler playground equipment and other original things have been replaced, so we must carry out regular safety checks. So what aspects of safety inspection should be carried out?

1. Toddler playground equipment

Different protection measures should be set up in different projects. In some closed spaces, such as suspension rope slides, we need to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, but also to ensure whether the closed equipment is locked, locked and other issues, to ensure that children can enter and leave freely, and there will be no accidents in the process.

2. Electricity and Circuits

The circuit of amusement park should also be carefully checked to ensure that there are no safety problems such as short circuit or leakage.


Let children play in the children's playground plays a vital role in their growth. More and more parents agree that children should learn and play at the same time. Many children's playground provide children with a variety of specially developed toddler playground equipment , aiming to provide another interesting way for the healthy growth of children. Therefore, in the transformation of children's playgrounds, we need to consider the toddler playground equipment and other issues, we need to check carefully everywhere, so that children can play happier and grow healthier and happier. After reading this article, if you have any questions, please consult us. We are happy to answer any questions about the renovation of toddler playground equipment.

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