Mich new project ---- Donut Slide
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ich new project ---- Donut Slide

Dear customers,




Mich new function project is on Market!!

It is called Dount Slide. You can put in playground.


The creation inspiration comes from a sport-Grass skiing. As we all know, grass skiing is an avant- garde exercise, as well as skiing can make people feel excited.

High-speed thrills are one of the chief attractions of skiing on grass.


The technological process of artificial skiing lawn by plastic extrusion method was introduced. 

Finally, we combined the grass skiing and playground, creating this model- Donut slide.

For kids, It will be safer. When the kid sit in that boat, he needs to fasten the seat belt, and the height of this slide is not too high, even though, children will feel excited also.


It suitful in indoor playground, gym club, sports center, etc.

For more info, you can contact our sales.


We are at service at any time.


Best regards

Mich team.

Title:Mich new project ---- Donut Slide
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