MICH new product-Magic velcro Wall
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Magic Wall is new popular game in the trampoline park.

Every child has a hero dream, want to become Superman, Captain America, X-Men, Spider-man, Iron Man...

Today, Mich can come true the children’s dream,let you on the wall like a spider-man.


Magic Wall also named spider wall,it only need small area of the trampoline park and easy to install,We use velcro to make a wall, Players need to wear clothing with velcro and jump to the wall with trampoline . More funny and attractive,Is the best choice for children.

Trampoline park can be a combination of many items, dodgeball, basketball, Ninja course,climbing, foam pit, wipeout, spider-wall, etc...

I believe that Mich will continue to innovate and develop more interesting new projects.

Title:MICH new product-Magic velcro Wall
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