Is Mini trampoline good for weight loss?
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With the development of urbanization, the types of amusement projects are becoming more and more abundant. The trampoline project is one of the most popular amusement projects that has recently emerged. The mini trampoline also brings a lot of fun to the children. There are many children whose grades are very small, but obesity has not affected health for a variety of reasons. Their parents will choose to buy a mini trampoline at home, so can the mini trampoline lose weight?


Cardio for sustainable weight loss

Fitness for your Whole Family

Need to pay attention


Cardio for sustainable weight loss

According to relevant research, aerobic exercise can lose weight. To determine whether a mini trampoline is "aerobic exercise", heart rate is one of the measures. If the heart rate is maintained at 150 strokes per minute, then the movement on the mini trampoline is aerobic because the blood can supply enough oxygen to the heart muscle.

At the same time, it is required to exercise for no less than one hour each time on the mini trampoline, and insist on three to five times a week. This kind of exercise, oxygen can fully burn the body's sugar, can also consume body fat, enhance and improve heart and lung function, prevent osteoporosis, regulate mental and mental state. Therefore, if the weight exceeds the standard, in order to achieve the purpose of weight loss through the mini trampoline, it is necessary to adhere to a sufficient length of time and sufficient exercise.

Fitness for your Whole Family

Trampoline sports are basically different from gyms and playgrounds. The mini trampoline is a great project for trampoline exercise for the whole family. Some trampolines also have such a mini trampoline. There are also trampoline areas, naughty castles for kids, poplar towers for adults, devil slides, and trampoline fat reduction classes.

On the mini trampoline, you can entertain yourself, multiplayer, and interact with your parents. Bao Da and Bao Ma don't have to boring at the entrance of the children's playground. Maybe Bao Da and Bao Ma will worry that the big trampoline will cause damage to the baby's body, or it will be collided by other people. There is no need to worry about it on the mini trampoline! As long as you use the correct posture under normal exercise intensity, it will not cause harm to the body. The mini trampoline can also let your child lose weight properly and keep the body in a healthy state.

Need to pay attention

In order to achieve effective weight loss, but at the same time do not hurt the body, before the mini trampoline exercise, everyone must be prepared.

1 . Bounce around

Start from the middle of the trampoline and jump from left to right. Slowly increase the distance between the side jumps to enhance the exercise. This exercise is very good for strengthening your abdominal muscles and leg muscles.

2. Pick up

Start from the middle of the trampoline and jump as high as possible. Once you are vacating, raise your knees to the chest and lower your knees when you start to fall. Continue to do this exercise for about a minute. This exercise also helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles and leg muscles.

3. Basic jogging

This is a simple trampoline exercise. When starting this exercise, alternately lift each foot and slowly start jogging. Like jogging, lift each opposing arm. This exercise will boost your heart rate and provide you with an excellent aerobic exercise.

4. Jack bounces

Start in the middle of the trampoline and jump up. Once you are in the air, open your arms and legs just as you are jumping jacks. Return to your starting position before landing.

5. Twisting bounce

When you bounce up and down, start to twist your body from the waist. By doing this, you can effectively exercise your core muscles in your body and legs.


Trampoline exercise can consume our fat while exercising. The family works together on a mini trampoline and urges each other to have a healthy body.

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