Importance of Outdoor Play for Young Children
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In recent years, the decline in the physical fitness of young people has aroused the concern of the whole society. The health problems such as obesity and myopia have even become the "standard" for children. Children living in the present, eating and drinking, living abundance, nothing is lacking, is the lack of outdoor sports, resulting in children who are naturally active and become lazy. Insufficient exercise, the child's body and mind will have a great impact. So to begin to pay attention to the importance of children's outdoor playground, children's outdoor playground gradually began to rise.

Key points:

Is outdoor exercise suitable for children?

The difference between outdoor playground and indoor playground

The benefits of outdoor playground

Is outdoor exercise suitable for children?


Climbing, climbing nets, climbing trees and other climbing sports can mobilize all parts of the child's body, and coordinate the development of the child's body through the cooperation of hands, feet and eyes. Moreover, the initial confidence of a child is obtained through mastery of the body. Children try again and again, gradually overcome the challenges of higher difficulty, courage, confidence will follow.

There are many ways to play the ball. When you play the ball, you need to run and jump, which can help the child to exercise well. Moreover, ball games require teamwork to raise children's sense of teamwork and awareness of the rules. If parents play with their children, they can promote harmony between parents and children.

Nature is the best teacher for children. Walking in a wide outdoor classroom, children are more able to experience the true look of the world. In the natural environment, you can freely swing, run, play with mud, and set up tents to meet the needs of children's physical and mental development.

not suitable

The large children's outdoor playground is not safe for children under the age of eight. And the large children's outdoor playground, the average person will be especially many, just waiting in line to play, there will be some time, this way, not only the adults are tired, the children are also tired.

During the holidays, or during the tourist season, don't take your children to a crowded children's outdoor playground. Most of the children, when they are in more places, are more or less nervous and afraid. And if there are many people, it will be easier to break away.

If it is an outdoor sport such as climbing a mountain, parents must be optimistic about the baby, safety first. Always observe and see if your child has the strength. Pay more attention to rest, try not to go to the children's outdoor playground in the peak season, and many people are not safe.

The difference between outdoor playground and indoor playground

1. Different venues

Children's outdoor playgrounds are generally available in parks or plazas or temple fairs. Children's outdoor playground can be fixed or moved, so that crowded outdoor venues, plenty of passengers, convenient transportation, comfortable and safe play environment and rich entertainment experience make children's outdoor playground more accessible to children. And the parents are welcome. Indoor amusement equipment is generally chosen to be placed in a shopping mall or community, and there will be a fixed source of entertainment for a long time to experience entertainment equipment.

2. Device size

Indoor play equipment is generally a relatively small-looking device, such as laser balloons, slot machines, basketball machines and other small electronic play equipment, including a series of relatively simple entertainment activities, mainly including inflatable trampolines and inflatable climbing pavilions. Children's outdoor playground are some large equipment with a large footprint. Children's outdoor playground includes a variety of recreational activities, including slides, sand balls, swimming pools, marine balls, electric software play equipment, trampolines, climbing frames, cages, drilling, rainbow nets and many other entertainment activities that appeal to children.

3. Staffing

Each set of children's outdoor playground equipment for outdoor play equipment is controlled separately, so when people need more than one person to control one device, the indoor play equipment only needs one person, which is convenient and convenient.

4. Weather effects

Due to the weather, children's outdoor playground will be affected by climatic factors and will only operate seasonally. You can't use it when it's raining, snowing, or windy. Children's indoor play equipment is mainly installed indoors, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. So its operations are not affected by the weather and the seasons, they can always run.

The benefits of outdoor playground

It can improve the child's language ability. When playing activities, the child will observe what another child is doing, and observe the communication technology. If you want to play the same project, you must express it, so the amusement park can stimulate the child. language skills.

You can act alone in your play. You can meet many children in the playground. For some children who are more anxious from their parents, they may leave their parents when they are having fun, but they must also keep the child in sight for the safety of the children. Within the scope.

Adding social skills, the children's paradise is a very exciting activity. It is very meaningful for children who don't often play with him. In the process of playing, they can reach more friends and have fun together.

Learn to share with each other, amusement parks can play more things, children and children, quickly integrate into it, while another child needs, can share and play with children.

Children learn to expect, amusement parks are free to play, children will have plans to go to activities, such as when to take a break, when to eat, and need to wash their hands before eating, such children in the characteristic time There will be different expectations.

For young children, physical exercise can improve physical fitness and enhance their ability to move; they can improve their ability to adapt to the outside world and their ability to protect themselves. However, there is now such a playground that can provide an event venue, and can participate in such activities to enhance physical fitness.

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