How to Select Indoor Playground Floor Mat?
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For some indoor amusement equipment company, different amusement equipment needs different materials. Of course the choice of floor mat material is also very important. If the floor mat material is not good, it will affect the use of some indoor amusement equipment. So how to choose?

1. Nylon material. The wear resistance of the floor mat made of this material is better, and it is easier to clean, but it is easy to be deformed.

2. Polyester material. The wear resistance of the floor mat of this kind of material is also better, and the heat resistance is also better;

3. Polypropylene material. If you choose polypropylene as the floor mat of the new amusement equipment, the cost performance is very high, because polypropylene material is relatively cheap;

4. Acrylic material. If the choice of acrylic material floor mat, it will be more soft, comfortable, but poor wear resistance.

Therefore, the selection of indoor children's amusement equipment floor mats should be selected from the above four materials according to the specific situation, so as to make the indoor environment of our children's amusement equipment look more beautiful.

  • And here are some detailed introduction about nylon and polyester materials.

1. Polyester -- polyester fiber

Its feature is good permeability and platoon is wet. Still have stronger acid-base, the ability that fights ultraviolet ray. The general multiple of 75D cloth is polyester, such as 75D, 150D, 300D, 600D, 1200D, 1800D are polyester, cloth appearance than nylon dark, rough.

2.Nylon is kind of polyamide fiber. Advantages are high strength, high wear resistance, high chemical resistance and good deformation resistance, aging resistance. The disadvantage is that it feels hard. The more famous ones are PERTEX and CORDURA. Generally, nylon is the multiple fabric for 70D, such as nylon for 70D, 210D, 420D, 840D and 1680D. The gloss of the cloth is relatively bright and the hand feels smooth.

3.Generally speaking, the bags are made of nylon Oxford cloth, nylon and polyester distinction is the simplest combustion method! Of dacron take out very flourishing black smoke, of nylon take out white smoke, still have see the residue after burning namely, of dacron knead can be broken, of nylon become model! Nylon costs twice as much as polyester.

Nylon, near the flame that quickly shrink melt into white glue, melt in the flame burning drip and foam, combustion without flame, leaving the flame difficult to continue to burn, send out celery flavor, cooling light brown melt is not easy to grind.

Polyester, easy to ignite, near the flame that is melting, burning while melting and smoke, yellow flame, sending out a fragrant smell, burning ashes for black brown lump, with fingers can be broken.On the other hand, it will feel different. Polyester feels rough, while nylon feels silky.

Can scrape with fingernail additionally, after fingernail is scraped, those who have apparent trace is tapefiber, those who trace is not apparent is nylon, but this kind of method is inferior to the first kind of method intuitionistical and easy to discern.

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