How to operate and promote the trampoline park
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Trampoline parks are exciting and entertaining for kids and adults alike. However, in today's increasingly competitive business environment, the operation and promotion of trampoline parks is a difficult task. No doubt the leadership at your park is also on the hunt for the next attraction, package or even business development that will give you that edge over your competitors. In this article, we will give you some recommendations on how to operate and promote the trampoline park.

This article contains the following

  •  Enhance employee management

  •  Create brand awareness

  •  Online marketing


1. Enhance employee management

The trampoline park should strengthen the management of the internal staff of the trampoline, train the staff and strengthen the cultivation of the sense of responsibility. Trampoline park owners should recruit employees with professional trampoline knowledge and skills. This can provide professional guidance and protection in the process of customer experience, provide professional trampoline demonstration to customers, so that employees can deal with problems in case of emergency, and provide a good experience for customers. In addition to professional control, employees should also pay attention to etiquette attitude, patience with customers, let customers feel smile service. The essence of employee management is to maintain the safety of the park and the atmosphere of active park, and to enhance brand awareness


2. Create brand awareness

In order to attract as many customers as possible, it is important that you invest time and money in the promotion of your trampoline park. Creating brand awareness is extremely important. As an entrepreneur, you have to make the right efforts to bring your park permanently to the attention of your target groups. In addition, you need to consider how you want to come across and what message you need to spread to achieve this.


Brand awareness is in the smallest things. It's about the total concept that you put together with your leisure business. Which colors do you use for the promotional material and on your website? How do you design the restaurant? Do you only serve fries or luxurious sandwiches? Do you want to take a high-end position in the market or do you want to be accessible to everyone?


In making all these decisions, it’s crucial that you think from the perspective of your target group. For trampoline parks, these are mainly parents and children. Trampoline parks and sports are also frequently visited by young people. All target groups have specific needs and preferences and you will have to reach them with different marketing tools.


3. Online marketing

A good website and social media are a great way to create brand experience. Which social media you can use best depends on the target group you want to reach. Research shows that young people are mainly active on Instagram and YouTube, parents are mainly found on Facebook.


It is extremely important to convey the experience and experience to future customers. Show your target group why your park is attractive. Take good photos and a good video so people can see what they can expect right away. By sharing visual content, you can optimally appeal to the imagination of your target group. People already see themselves climbing on your playground equipment or jumping on your trampolines, which brings the step to actually visiting your park a little closer.


Besides appealing to the imagination, it pays to be personal. Van Loon pointed out that visitors share their experiences with trampoline park on the website or leave a message on social media which makes people feel involved and increases the chance that they will return to your park.


Check your channels every day, respond to users' comments, ensure good content planning and post new messages at least five times a week. That may seem a lot, but because of the algorithms of platforms like Facebook and Instagram, not every message will reach your target group. You should also take into account differences in online behaviour.


Therefore, to operate a good trampoline park, it is inseparable from publicity and promotion. The most important part is to manage staff and do marketing activities.


Title:How to operate and promote the trampoline park
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