How to make a seesaw for kids
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Seesaw, as one of  the most popular play items in outdoor playground equipment, is placed here and there, in parks or big entertainment place.

Take a run or a bike ride to a local park with your child, At the park, you can take time to relax while your child plays in sandbox or on the seesaw.

Do you want to build a seesaw for kids?
Is it easy to build or place seesaws outdoor?  Yes, it is.
First, you may judge condition of your ground, is it rough enough to fix with expansion screws? Or it is soft ground that should be pre-buried?

Here, for your convenience, you will get a seesaw as a whole body, with all seats and handrails. All of these parts will be assembled already in MICH factory.
Second, put whole seesaw system on certain place, then fix it on ground. That’s all.
Like this,

If your ground is big enough, you can add other play items, like swings, spring rocking and slide sets.


If you do not have a big indoor place, you can do outdoor playground like all of pictures above. Kids really like playing outdoor on grass, and get more closer to nature.
If any item attracts you, pls send email to us. We will give catalogue and real engineering projects for reference. Anyway, design can be customized to meet your need. 

Title:How to make a seesaw for kids
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