How to improve the trampoline park guest experience
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Nowadays, trampoline park guests increasingly expect more innovative interactions and a friction-free experience to satisfy their needs. If their needs aren’t met, word spreads quickly. Therefore, it is important to delight your customers. A long-term customer is of more value than a single-deal customer. And having long-term guests is more cost-effective given the resources it takes to acquire new ones who only purchase once. In this article, we look at several ways you can improve the guest experience.


This article contains the following

  •  Pay attention to health and safety regulations

  •  Increased demand for a variety of activities

  •  Introduce Self-Service Technology


1. Health and safety regulations

Trampoline parks are an exciting place for kids and adults alike. But apart from offering entertainment, you need to ensure the safety of your customers. Unfortunately, incidences of injuries have been on the rise. Therefore, tighter regulations are implemented across the world.


To combat this trend and reduce the chances of injuries, owners should prepare to put in place tighter health and safety regulations. It’s part of your responsibility to increase the safety of consumers.


Some important measures include:

  •  Keen supervision of jumpers

  •  Insurance companies’ oversight

  •  Regular inspections (both in-house and by third parties)

  •  Proper setup and design of the trampoline parks

  •  Unwavering adherence to industry technical standards set up by the International Association of Trampoline Parks



2.Increased demand for a variety of activities

Trampoline park industry has made great progress. At first, you'll find that only trampolines fill most of the park. Urban Air's CEO, for example, said 80 percent of the area in their first park was occupied by trampolines. With the development of the trampoline industry, the trampoline park has changed a lot, providing more activities. This is happening as a result of increased customer demand for variety.


Nowadays, consumers are looking for entertainment and amusement that will keep them engaged for longer. The excitement of moving from one activity to another in a trampoline park keeps them coming back for more.The anticipation of trying out a new activity or new equipment on the next visit is also a plus.


Trampoline park owners keen on moving with the market trends can benefit from offering this diversification. Create an environment where there will be nonstop activity and excitement from the time a customer arrives until they leave.


To meet the needs of customers and create diversity, you can include activities such as ninja classes, rock climbing walls, laser marking and basketball frames. You can also have themes to cater to different customer groups. g Date nights, fitness classes, toddlers, etc.


Also, changing the concept of your customers from viewing the trampoline park as a place for toddlers’ birthday parties to an entertainment zone with activities for every age can get you in front of more age groups. Think about adding things like obstacle courses, rock-climbing and dodgeball tournaments to increase the variety and attract a broader customer base .


3. Introduce self-service technology

Technology is becoming a key strategic advantage for trampoline parks and attractions managers looking to grow their business. It’s prevalent through every aspect of the guest experience – from browsing and booking, to the actual visit and also after.  


According to a SOTI survey, when given a choice, consumers are more likely to choose self-service technology over a human interaction. The 2017 survey, with 565 people ranging from 18 to 60 years of age, revealed that 66 percent of respondents preferred self-service technology, such as self-serve kiosks.


Self-serve kiosks (SSK) allow customers to check in when convenient for them and purchase products and services at your venue. Research conducted by ROLLER at trampoline parks shows that sales through a self-serve kiosk see guests spend, on average 10 percent more per head than if they were purchasing at a traditional point of sale (POS).


In short, trampoline park owners should keep the parks interesting and entertaining. Increasing customer satisfaction is your key to customer retention. For many trampoline parks, repeat customers are a key way to achieve business growth. Based on suggestions mentioned, your customer experience are likely to be improved.

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