how to improve the service life of the trampoline?
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"It's so easy to attract customers and never play again!"This may be a problem common to many contemporary trampoline parks. Because the passenger flow is not ideal, some trampoline parks have invested heavily in publicity, such as television advertisements, online publicity, square stations, high-speed roadsides, etc., and even issued leaflets and carried out promotional activities. Although this does bring a lot of new customers, it will not be long before the original appearance is restored, and tourists are still scarce. So how do you retain customers?


This article contains the following:

  1.  Trampoline park management tips

  2.  Reasons for the poor service of some trampoline parks

  3.  "Two Nos" for Trampoline Park Operators


1.Trampoline park management tips

For trampoline parks with low customer viscosity, sometimes advertising is worse than service! In this era of increasing homogeneity of trampoline parks, the secret of trampoline park management depends on soft power: high-quality service of staff and various recreational activities centered on customers. The service quality of the staff includes professional skills, courtesy terms, and humanized services. Taking the customer as the center, it is necessary to consider the feelings of the tourists, respect the tourists as the premise, fully mobilize the tourists 'enthusiasm for games, and achieve the effects of tourists' selfless play.

Pay attention to the "first impression" in interpersonal communication. The first impression given to tourists by the trampoline park is also important. After the tourists have played in a trampoline park for the first time, they will unconsciously rate the trampoline park. Elimination, the second consumption is basically not considered, which is why it is difficult to keep repeat customers-how to reach or exceed the score line in the minds of tourists?

In fact, when parents and children play in the trampoline park, the primary criterion for judging the trampoline park is "playing well". Those who do not look back after playing are often dissatisfied with the construction or service of the trampoline park. Therefore, trampoline parks should be set up according to consumers' preferences and provide satisfactory services. Naturally, they can be affirmed by customers and make them repeat customers.


2.Reasons for the poor service of some trampoline parks

The competition in the trampoline park industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and providing customers with quality services will become the core competitiveness of trampoline parks.

First, let's analyze the reasons for the poor service of some trampoline parks.

1. Employees do not know what kind of services the boss really expects them to provide to customers;

2.employees do not know what to do to provide quality services to customers;

3. The recruited employees are not suitable for customer service at all.


3."Two Nos" for Trampoline Park Operators

1. Trampoline park operators do not have a mechanism to encourage employees;

2. The trampoline park operator does not respect the employees enough, and the employees have no sense of ownership.

Trampoline park employees not only need to recruit them, they also need to provide professional training on a regular basis; trampoline park operators not only need to provide employees with opportunities for learning and training, but also have to establish a sound and positive employee reward mechanism to cultivate employee ownership To make employees passionate about work. The implementers of these two trampoline park services complement each other. Good communication and cooperation are the basis for improving the quality of trampoline park services.

Title:how to improve the service life of the trampoline?
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