how to do equipment safety inspection in trampoline
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Trampoline park is a public entertainment place, mainly for tourists to entertain by jumping, flipping, challenge, etc. Therefore, the safety of trampoline equipment is particularly important, and daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment are essential.


This article contains the following:

lThe maintenance and inspection of trampoline equipment

l Note for indoor trampoline park

lInvestor Notes


1. The maintenance and inspection of trampoline equipment

For the maintenance and inspection of trampoline equipment, please refer to the following practices:

1. Trampoline spring inspection: whether it is deformed; whether it is rusty; whether the spring is stretched or not; whether the two ends of the spring are cracked or deformed;

2. Jumping surface inspection: whether there are cracks, off-line, whether the stitching of the Velcro is incorrectly misaligned; whether there are foreign objects scratched; whether the elasticity is attenuated and aged;

3. Trampoline soft cushion: whether the skin is damaged or cracked, whether the tailor is off-line, whether the inner cushion of the soft cushion is displaced, or whether there is displacement between the soft cushions.

4. Steel frame inspection: whether the screws at the fixing place are loose, whether the steel pipe is broken, whether the welding place is cracked or unwelded, or burr.

5. Sponge pool: clean up once a month, remove all sponge blocks, clean the dirt underneath, and scrub the protective pad under the pool.

6. Between the wall and the equipment: Check if there is any wall material falling off at the link.

7. Fence: Whether the net is loose or broken.


2.Note for trampoline park

1. It is strictly forbidden to push people, pull people, hit people, chase each other, or turn around in the trampoline; otherwise, you will be at your own risk. Clear out of trampoline

2. Parents or guardians should not leave the trampoline when the child is practicing the trampoline to prevent the child from getting lost after getting off the trampoline.

3. When the body is out of balance, don't support the net with your hands, prefer to fall down, pay attention to hold your chest with both hands, even if it is ejected. In addition, be careful of waist injuries when practicing. Trampoline athletes suffer the most injuries to their waists and ankles. Because of the high impact force when falling, unskilled people can not raise the trampoline.

4. Do not wear jewelry, necklaces, earrings, earrings, etc. while training or exercising on the trampoline, because once the body loses balance when it falls on the net, it is extremely easy to hurt yourself.

5. Parents or guardians must be under the age of six to avoid the trampoline; do not surf the Internet because of curiosity; pay special attention not to use your hands to support the net and easily sprain; avoid falling on your knees when you fall and easily hurt your waist.


3.Investor Notes

Trampoline products currently do not have national standards in China, so currently domestically produced trampoline products do not have national standards for testing and supervision. The trampoline project is a sport that is both entertaining and dangerous. Investors should pay attention to the layout of venues. The problem is safety, and the precautions need to be disseminated to consumers to be sure.


Title:how to do equipment safety inspection in trampoline
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