How to Choose Qualified Indoor Playground Equipment?
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Nowadays, there are more and more kinds of indoor amusement equipment for children. What kind of indoor amusement equipment for children is of high quality? What are the criteria for choosing indoor rides? Let's find it out together with Mich Indoor Playground Company.

Quality Indoor Amusement Equipment for Children

1. Focus on children and give full play to their subjective initiative

Children can learn from the active operation of children's amusement equipment. If children can gain the experience of winning from playing, they will get a sense of achievement. In this way, they will be willing to be a person who has the courage to pursue the challenge.

2. Reliable quality

This is important. Rides should be non-toxic and should not have sharp edges. The combination of parts of the amusement equipment should be very strong, so as not to loose and cause children to eat by mistake.Good children's amusement equipment is made of good materials and designed to absorb people. Only in this way can children's amusement equipment have a sense of value.If the children's play equipment is quickly broken, the children will be quite desperate, because their hearts which have just been aroused to play and explore are quickly doused.

3. The equipment should be able to mobilize the enthusiasm of adults and children to play together.

Children like to play with children of the same age or adults at home. So a good children's play equipment can make more than two people play together. More importantly, parents and children play together can promote the interaction between parents and children.

4. Tailored for children of different ages

Children's amusement equipment should be different according to children's age. The toys children like to play are toys they can operate, which are too difficult to make children have twists and turns, and too simple to make them feel bored. Therefore, children's indoor amusement equipment should be designed for children of different ages.

  • Children under 2 years old

Children under two years old, while speaking, walking instability, have no sense of self-protection. You can choose blocks, picture books and pronunciation dolls, etc., this will stimulate the child to speak;

  • Children between 3 and 6 years old

Children aged three to six years old are more active, and their hands and feet are not flexible, so they can choose facilities such as slides, climbing and children's amusement parks.

  • Children between the ages of 6 and 12

Children between the ages of six and twelve can choose intellectual games such as playgrounds and adventure facilities.

How to choose high grade children indoor equipment?

1. Strong playability

A good children's play equipment can make children play repeatedly, in different aspects of thinking, playing for a long time also do not feel bored. Children are always curious; they often create new ways of playing with their toys.Besides, they like to make toys by their own imagination. For example, if a toy can be turned into a moving car with wheels, children will feel happy and interesting.

2. Regional division

Each age group of children have his different preferences, so the park in the design should pay special attention to: in the planning time can be divided into areas to design, of course, this design can also be separate fees. Can make full use of equipment value, can increase income again, why not do.

3. Beautiful appearance of the equipment

Children are very sensitive. Colorful, cool and fashionable indoor children's park equipment can attract children's attention in the first time.

Indoor children's paradise, mostly is the supply for children to play, so the appearance of the beautiful decision of the good or bad management, is also the operator of the first most worthy of attention. Be riotous with colour, bizarre modelling can attract the favour of many children certainly.

Children are typical love-birds. If you like a cartoon, the nature is associated with the cartoon related to the things you like.Indoor children's park amusement equipment if adding some of the children's favorite cartoon characters, nature is to enhance the children in the heart of the goodwill degree.

4. Sensory stimulation

Good amusement equipment can provide appropriate sensory stimulation, such as: special sound, different tactile sensation, bright color, and some beloved shape, they can be used to stimulate the child's vision, hearing, smell, touch and so on.Children also learn the fundamental concepts of objects: size, weight, color, balance, and so on. If the child can come into contact with the toy with meticulous quality, the child is cultivated naturally aesthetic ability.

5. Manufacturer qualification

Children are the hope of a family. Parents care about most is the quality problem of the indoor adventure playground equipment, so be sure to choose high quality, safe and reliable, the raw materials meet safety environmental labeling, products passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification of equipment, not only can let the child have a good time, consumer trust, parents can also save a lot of trouble.

6. High cost performance

Cost-effective doesn't mean the cheapest. To choose amusement equipment, we must not look on the limited to the price of the product, more is to consider, the quality of the products and after-sales service, product safety, stability is very important, after comprehensive balance and then choose a more appropriate franchise brand children's amusement equipment.

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