How to Build your Outdoor Gym Playground
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Everyone has been very happy with outdoor sports and is well known in this new world. Exercise is as common as eating every day. And so many outdoor gym playgrounds have been built. Exercise can exercise, enhance physical fitness; release stress and regulate mood. Life lies in sports. Exercise makes our life energetic, comfortable, away from disease, healthy and longevity. Of course, outdoor sports can absorb fresh air, but it is convenient to have a dedicated outdoor gym playground. Everyone can go with friends and family, and promote the relationship between family and friends.

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  Make a plan

  Measuring site size

  Choose a good company to buy gym equipment

  Install and check security


Make a plan 

 First determine which sports facilities are needed for outdoor sports fields. Sports facilities include cage football, cage basketball, cage volleyball, extreme sports (rolling, skateboarding), table tennis promenade, basketball promenade and so on.

 Then calculate how much the floor space of these sports facilities is, and then how much space is needed to build service facilities such as toilets, and calculate the total floor space.

 Then consider the equipment needed for each sports facility site.

 Finally calculate the amount of equipment needed to prepare the site equipment.

Measuring site size

Outdoor gym playgrounds are different for each sporting event and require professional measurements.

1. Distance measurement is divided into length measurement and height measurement

(1) Length measurement

Length measurement refers to the measurement of the length, width and distance of the stadium. Length measurements can be divided into two broad categories: site measurements that recognize record items and site measurements that do not recognize record items.

(2) Height measurement

Height measurement is used for the measurement of the venue above the ground, such as diving platform, springboard, gymnastics table, boxing ring, height of barrier-free space on the ground of the ball museum.

The height gauge can be measured with a steel ruler. The height of the measurement must be a vertical distance.

2.  The outdoor gym playground ground height measurement

The ground height measurement measures the altitude of the detection points and then compares them to determine the slope and flatness of the site. Therefore, for projects with slope requirements, the ground height of the site should be measured. 

Choose a good company to buy gym equipment

It is important to choose a good fitness equipment company for outdoor gym playground.

  Choose fitness equipment company location: convenience is very important

Generally, the fitness equipment company with good geographical position is not bad, and the location is good, which also reflects the strong economic strength of this company.

  Whether the equipment is complete: This is a more important point. To the fitness equipment company, the purpose is necessarily to purchase equipment, so look at the number of fitness equipment is not enough.

Install and check security 

1. The equipment column buried in the outdoor sports field should be reliably fixed to the support plate or lateral support.

2. The horizontal dimension of the concrete foundation pit of each supporting column for outdoor fitness equipment installation should be greater than or equal to 400 mm * 400 mm, and the concrete foundation should not be disposed in the shape of a small upper and a larger.

3. The concrete used for the foundation of the pouring equipment should be higher than C20, and should be supervised by the person before the foundation is completely solidified.

4. The depth of the equipment column buried in the ground.

5. After the outdoor fitness equipment is installed, the installation ground vertical and the supporting columns and the main body should be vertical, and the vertical tolerance should be no more than 1/100.

6. The soil quality of the outdoor fitness equipment should be installed. 

7. The ground surface within 0.5 m from the outer edge of the equipment foundation shall be hardened.


Life is in exercise; exercise can strengthen our physical fitness; exercise enables us to maintain a shapeable body; exercise can increase our endurance; exercise can make us open-minded; exercise can make us energetic; exercise can make us look good; it can make us full of perseverance; it can make us face life with ease. Outdoor gym playground is a good choice for exercising and strengthening relationships with family and friends. Of course, choosing a good outdoor gym playground is also very important, and you need to choose according to the quality of its equipment.

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