how much trampoline parks cost?
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How much does it cost to invest in a trampoline park? It is difficult to tell you directly how much it costs by numbers. Because the trampoline park is a trampoline park tailored to the customer's mind after the customer's actual inspection, the specific design scheme is different from the trampoline project, and the cost will be different. This question has been asked by so many people. In the trampoline industry, we have accumulated a large number of trampoline park production and marketing programs with the highest quality services. Therefore, here will also give you an approximate cost budget analysis of trampoline investment.How much does it cost to invest in a trampoline park for entrepreneurs?


This article contains the following:

  1.  Cost of trampoline park

  2.  Investment cost of trampoline equipment

  3.  Management cost of trampoline park


1. Cost of trampoline park

The cost of the trampoline park also needs to be calculated from the venue rent and interior decoration. The venue rent is determined by the location of the venue. However, if the address is selected in the early stage of investing in the trampoline park, the probability of returning the capital in later operations will be greater. According to calculations and related experience, the site selection factor accounts for 70% of the profit return ratio. Moreover, in the absence of special strong conditions, the rent of trampoline halls is positively related to the development of aquatic products in the area.

The decoration of the trampoline park is the same as the decoration of the house. It has both a high-end decoration style and an ordinary decoration. Therefore, the decoration of the trampoline stadium needs to be budgeted according to its own budget and the decoration of the trampoline.


2.Investment cost of trampoline equipment

The trampoline equipment investment refers to the entertainment project facilities in the trampoline park, such as trampolines and jumping over walls. For the monitoring and front-end cash register equipment are supporting facilities, investors in these facilities can refer to the case list of Xinqixiang or contact Xinqixiang for related issues.


3. Management cost of trampoline park

The so-called operation and management refers to the business input costs designed after the trampoline park opened. It also includes the following major costs.

Staff costs. Trampoline parks are generally staffed according to their area and flow of people. The general staff includes store managers, cashiers, coaches, sales staff, marketing staff, and guidance staff.

Promotion costs and expenses. Promotion costs also need to make corresponding market withdrawal activities based on market research. In addition, online promotion is also an essential promotion method. In fact, according to the current market development, the cost of network promotion is higher than the cost of market promotion.

Opening a trampoline park will inevitably be divided into many areas, one is the trampoline area, the second is the rest area, the third is the comprehensive service area, and the fourth is the other project area. The diverse composition of the area directly affects the trampoline park's location.

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