How Much Does It Cost To Open An Aldults Trampoline Park?
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The adults trampoline park is now a very hot project, and many social software is not difficult to see a lot of people drying their videos or photos in the trampoline park. With the general improvement of people's living standards, more people began to pay attention to outdoor entertainment, trying to relax their busy self through entertainment. This has turned into a huge business opportunity, and entrepreneurs are concerned about how much it costs to invest in such an adults trampoline park. This paper aims to analyze and summarize the final results from various angles.

The main cost direction:

Venue rental

Renovation costs

Hardware equipment


1、Venue rental

1)Site requirements:

It is best to be closer to the residential area, but it is not possible to choose a particularly good location. Because the land lease cost in a good location will be relatively high, it is necessary to find a place with higher cost performance and relatively better traffic.

The ground of the site needs to be level, well ventilated, and the columns are as small as possible.

The net height of the venue for adults needs to be 4.5m or more. The best site has a net height of 5.2m or more, so it is not limited by age, and some items with higher altitude requirements are not restricted.

2)Site area:

This needs to be determined through market research. Understand how many people in the market where adults trampoline parks are used, and investigate how many people will be connected at the peak of the same type of facilities, so that the approximate area can be calculated. This step is important because site leasing is the most important cost, so careful investigation and planning is required to determine the final area.

It is worth mentioning that in a comprehensive indoor trampoline, the trampoline equipment itself generally only accounts for 55 to 70 percent of the entire site, and the rest is used for supporting facilities such as cafes, viewing tables, receptions, etc.

Summarize the required venue rental costs, specifically what numbers are related to the city's wealth and location. For example, in first-tier cities and fourth-tier cities, the cost gap between them is quite obvious. The cost of renting space in some first-tier cities is about 15 to 20 yuan per square meter per day. If the area of the site is 500 square meters, the daily rent for the site is 10,000 yuan. Of course, if the cost of a relatively small city may not be so high, not all adults trampoline parks are so large.

2、Renovation costs

Renovation is an important way to distinguish between your adults trampoline park and others. Let your adults trampoline park have its own color, make the user unforgettable, seduce them willing to stop and send them to their social software, this can be regarded as Advertising for your adults trampoline park.

And your front desk, reception, and storage are all in the same style.

This renovation probably costs about 200,000.

3、Hardware equipment

The main hardware in the adults trampoline park is the amusement equipment. This is also a very major cost investment, which is about 30% of your total investment. Because some mechanical equipment costs are relatively high, and they also need to pay a high maintenance cost. Only by doing a better job can you accumulate the reputation of the adults trampoline park, so that more users are willing to go here for fun. After all, security is at the top of the list, and only when consumers are assured, they will try and stick to it.

And the amusement equipment should continue to increase and update, keep up with the pace of advancement, let the users feel fresh in the adults trampoline park, so that they can get long-term customers and keep in touch with the users.

You can choose a reliable amusement equipment company, which will bring you great convenience without worrying about the quality, installation and repair of the facilities. Maybe you can get some advice about opening an adults trampoline park, which is very valuable. And you can also make your own design requirements for the company, so that your adults trampoline park is different from other adults trampoline parks, and has its own unique style.

According to the conventional equipment price, the price of a complete set of recreation equipment is about 800,000, including related protection and post-testing. Plus the front desk, lockers and so on about 100,000.


In addition to these, you have to advertise for it, to send more flyers or other channels, in order to let more people know about your adults trampoline park. Such advertising costs need around 100,000. Venue rental (January) + renovation + hardware equipment + advertising = 1.4 million. In addition to this, there are labor costs to be calculated.

According to the development prospects of the market, this piece of cake is worth looking forward to. But if you want to make a profit and how much you earn, it depends on how you operate.

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