How much does an indoor playground cost?
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As we all know that the price for indoor playground equipment based on different design is different. But if you just want to have a price for reference first to make a budget, you can tell us your site area and requirements, and then we can send you some reference design together with quotation similar to your site first.

Generally, you should budget about US$ 75 – US$ 400 per square meter. Surely the most important factor is what you put inside and what material you choose.


For the equipment purchase, except the playground equipment cost, there’s also shipping cost & installation cost caused. As for the installation, you can also install it by yourselves directly, and we will supply you full set of installation map if your indoor playground equipment is not so big and simple, otherwise it will affect your opening time more, not very cost-effective.

Also, except the equipment purchase cost, the investment required depends on a few factors such as rental, labor costs and etc. Generally the bigger the play center is, the more investment it needs. Surely the biggest advantage is that it can assure enough customers flow. 


If needed, dream garden can also supply you professional business plan for your reference. Welcome to contact us to get more details!

Title:How much does an indoor playground cost?
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