how does trampolining build muscle?
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Because jumping consumes a lot of energy and heat, while eliminating excess fat, you have also exercised your body, so people nowadays like to play trampoline and enjoy the thrill of leap in the process of jumping. How does trampoline build and what should be paid attention to when in the trampoline park?


This article contains the following:

  •  Is trampoline safe?

  •  The benefits of trampolines for children

  •  What should we pay attention to in trampoline park?


1.Why children need playing trampoline

China's adolescents are constantly concerned about the rising obesity rate due to overnutrition and malnutrition. For a long time, the physical and health status of adolescents in our country is "worrying". Parents attach great importance to problems such as the rising obesity rate, inadequate development of cardiopulmonary function, and continuous decline in physical fitness such as strength and endurance.

The continuous increase in the detection rate of obesity for many years has brought great challenges to the bone health of adolescents. The development of adolescent bones needs to match the weight they can bear. Fat accumulation is the cause of obesity, and the increase in fat content cannot produce The effect of increasing muscle strength, and without increasing muscle strength, the increase in body weight will undoubtedly cause a huge burden on human bones.


2.The benefits of trampolines for children

1. Trampoline can prevent diseases and increase children's height.

2.can promote the development of the nervous system, exercise children's limbs, increase muscle strength. Trampoline exercises can help your children's limbs and increase muscle strength. A series of conditioned reflex training on the trampoline enables young children to establish a connection in the brain center through these tactile stimuli and muscle training, which can make children's movements sensitive and their muscles developed.

3. It can promote cardiopulmonary function, speed up blood circulation and strengthen metabolism. The myocardium is developed, the contractility is strengthened, the function of the respiratory organs is enhanced, and it has a good effect on preventing common diseases of the respiratory tract. It can increase children's gastrointestinal motility, enhance gastrointestinal digestive ability, increase appetite, complete nutrition absorption, and make children develop better. Anorexia and refusal children need more exercise.

4. Entertainment and fitness, reduce obesity

5, trampoline can improve children's attention to learning.

6, trampoline exercise can improve children's attention to learning. Involving your child in more sports can help them focus on their studies. After participating in sports activities, children's attention will be more concentrated and their academic performance will improve.

7. Efficient exercise: Research shows that jumping for 10 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of running. According to ITPA, jumping is 68% more efficient than running.

8. Cardiovascular health: Because jumping is a moderate to high aerobic exercise, it will increase your heart rate to a healthy level.

9. Interval training: You can perform interval training by jumping on the trampoline so that your training can be changed and you can increase the training time.

10. Stronger bones: The repetitive action of jumping improves bone mineral content and builds the musculoskeletal system. Each jump and landing is twice the gravity, generating muscle strength over time and preventing bone diseases such as osteoporosis.


3. What should we pay attention to in trampoline park?

Avoid wearing accessories such as bracelets and rings when exercising on a spring bed, because it is easy to fall off when bouncing. Once you step on it accidentally, the consequences are equally serious.

The correct protective posture is: when you feel that you are about to fall, it is best to cross your hands to hold your chest and use your back or hips to catch the net. In this case, the worst case is only a skin trauma.

After some friends got used to the rhythm of jumping, they began to try to jump stubbornly to high places, and then performed some difficult movements such as somersaults to their friends. Once you fall, if you do not have the correct protective posture, it is easy to sting or even fracture.

Two people and a trampoline are very dangerous. If someone falls out of balance and hits someone else, the skin of the two people will be scratched, and they may even fall and fall.

Spring bed exercise will be more intense. Except for poor physical condition, it is not recommended to perform such exercise during pregnancy or postpartum; or for knee injuries caused by innate or acquired children.

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