How can indoor playground equipment recover quickly after COVID-19?
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During the COVID-19, in order to combat the spread of the COVID-19, all walks of life suffered economic lossesin varying degrees, and children'sindoor playground operators were no exception. However, we believe that with the concerted efforts of7.5 billion people around the world, theCOVID-19 will eventually be defeated! So what do we children'sindoor playground operators need to do during and after theCOVID-19?

First of all, during theCOVID-19 period, we must highly implement the anti-epidemic call and shut down and stop children'sindoorplayground equipment. Thoroughly disinfect and clean children'sindoorplayground equipment to avoid viruses that may be left in the early stages of martial law. Remember to take protective measures during disinfection Take measures to close the equipment site to prevent people from sneaking in.


Second, after theCOVID-19, children who have been at home for a long time are bound to fill the children'sindoorplayground. Although theCOVID-19 was over at that time, the operators of children's amusement equipment still have to take good cleaning and disinfection measures, and do disinfection treatment before and after opening to avoid virus residues. This is the top priority at all times; do a good job of equipment safety inspection After long-term placement of our children's amusement equipment, we must do a trial run before re-operation to completely eliminate potential safety hazards.

As a densely populated children'sindoorplayground, the impact of theCOVID-19 is undoubtedly very huge, and the operator does not have to be too sad, and can use this time to spend a lot of time withyour family. After all, children'sindoorplayground equipment is the busiest during each holiday ; Can slow down, think about life, do market research well, to cope with the constantly changing situation

Title:How can indoor playground equipment recover quickly after COVID-19?
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