Does trampoline park have a weight limit
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Many fat friends on the road to lose weight, in addition to running and exercising, the first place to think of must be the gym, but without the perseverance and patience, basically will be halfway. The fat burning effect in the gym is not ideal, running and losing weight is too boring? Try the most popular weight loss fitness exercise - trampoline exercise.


What is a trampoline park 

Does trampoline park have a weight limit

What can you do in a trampoline park

What is a trampoline park 

Trampoline park originated in the United States and quickly swept the world. Trampoline park is a free trampoline, slam dunk, dodgeball, bubble football area, flip zone, sponge pool area, fighting stick, climbing wall, spider tower, spider wall / sticky wall, parkour, professional trampoline area, ninja road , Russian turntable project, naughty castle, devil slide, EPP building blocks, quality development, inflatable bag, labyrinth trampoline, dry snow slide, zip line project, lameness, volcanic rock climbing, marine ball pool, pat, VR, archery and other games The project is an indoor playground.

Does trampoline park have a weight limit

The trampoline is a kind of amusement equipment like a bed surface made of elastic PVC mesh cloth for entertainment. This material can usually withstand very large momentary pressures while providing enough reaction to bounce people. The large trampoline is a so-called trampoline park or bouncing space. It is a series of trampolines made up of multiple sets of PVC mesh. The trampoline users are not limited to children, and adults can also enjoy recreational activities in the trampoline park.

In general, it is safer for an adult to weigh less than 200kg. Some trampoline parks prohibit people above this weight from entering or restricting the play area for safety purposes. However, the specific weight limit of the trampoline park depends on the operator's positioning of the trampoline park and the design of the trampoline park. What kind of age group is targeted? The weight limit is mainly based on how far the trampoline surface is from the ground. On the surface of the bed. To go to the play experience, you can consult the clerk first, do not take the initiative to avoid unnecessary trouble.

What can you do in a trampoline park

Trampoline park has a lot of projects, you can do any of the following entertainment activities, whether alone or with your friends.The following items are items that will be available in general trampoline parks.

Free trampoline area

Despite freestyle! Jump out of your own style! No matter how many people can bounce freely on it, jump to exhaust all efforts and stop, it can be said that it is very relieved.


Drill in and fasten the seat belt to let go of the collision, remember to dodge! Not only test physical strength but also test difficult games.

Flip zone

Similar to the free trampoline area, you can jump freely, but the technology here is higher and there will be more professional areas. It's time to show real technology! Show Time!GO!

Sponge pool area

For young people, this sponge pool is definitely a good place to take pictures! Fly through the running to the sponge pool, jumped into the gentle pool, soft and soft super comfortable! You can also use your soft fighting stick to shoot your opponent down to the sponge pool and upgrade your combat power!

sticky wall

Put on a special velcro costume, do your best to slam against the wall, and hang out on the magic wall with a variety of funny poses. You can dance and dance. It's super fun.

Everyone now tastes a variety of recommended dishes every day, and the meat on the body is much more. Is it also necessary to have some exciting items to reduce fat? The trampoline movement is not only the sport that athletes can do. It rises and falls on the trampoline, replaces the floor with a trampoline, and does some simple actions to achieve the purpose of fat burning and weight loss. Fat, does it sound so cool?

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