Does a Trampoline Park Fit with Group Event
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Indoor trampoline parks are very common in Western countries. This kind of leisure play standard for children in family rooms, and entertainment fancy play is also common in variety shows. Unlike trampoline sports like competitive gymnastics, for this kind of trampoline park with strong entertainment, many companies will organize group activities. 

So, what items will make employees feel fresh and interesting? What projects make employees feel that your company is trendy and dynamic? What projects can promote team unity, collaboration and win-win situation? What projects can make a company spend less but produce better results? Come to our trampoline park and have a healthy and interesting group building for your employees so that organizing team activities will not have any headaches. So, is trampoline park suitable for group activities?

Here are some key points:

♦ What can you do in a trampoline park

♦ Trampoline park can be a good venue

♦ Different size of trampoline park

What can you do in trampoline park?

Let people have a kind of cloud-like feeling, this is the charm of trampoline. So, what can we do here?

Trampoline is mainly divided into: free jumping area, sponge pool, dunk area, dodge ball area, professional trampoline and other areas.   

1. Trampoline Park Free Jump Zone

In the free jump zone, we can shape up, lose weight and relieve stress. According to expert research, five minutes of trampoline is equivalent to 30 minutes of fast running on the treadmill, so trampoline is a good choice for many friends who need to shape, lose weight and people who are in sub-health for a long time. Long-term trampoline exercise can help promote metabolism, improve fat oxidation and prevent and reduce obesity symptoms.

2. Sponge Pool Diving Area of Trampoline Park

Jumping up, turning over in the air and falling into the sponge pool are the dazzling expressions of trampoline. Let you fully enjoy the excitement and excitement of falling into the cotton pool.

3. Trampoline Park Trampoline Dunking Area

Envy basketball players'big dunks, eager to become a dunker! In the trampoline dunking area, use the bounce of the trampoline to jump up and throw the ball handsome into the basket, so that you instantly become one by one dunker!

4. Trampoline Park Avoidance Area

The perfect combination of dodge ball and trampoline rebound, which is popular abroad, is a form of trampoline sport that combines interesting, cooperative and competitive.

5. Trampoline Park Professional Trampoline Area

With stronger elastic performance than ordinary trampoline, professionals such as trampoline coaches can complete more dazzling movements and perform more difficult performances. On the side, there are performance platforms, which can cooperate with high platforms and wall walks to release pressure, release themselves and experience the feeling of flying.

Everywhere you go, your adrenaline rushes and your high jumps.

Trampoline park is a good place to go

In recent years, trampoline is popular in Europe and the United States wait for a country, not only make the new vogue that young person cruel plays a sport, also became the part of the recreation of the child. It's said that jumping for 10 minutes is equivalent to running for half an hour.

Here, you don't have to worry about your baby bouncing on the bed, because the whole stadium and even the walls are elastic. In addition, the venue is equipped with professional coaches to ensure the safety of tourists and provide professional guidance. Everyone who comes in will have to change into professional sports antiskid socks, and the coach will ask everyone to get ready to exercise before they can start jumping.

Trampoline activity is not only a fitness activity, but also an amazing entertainment. Human nature is yearning to fly, it is also many people's childhood best memories, so trampoline sports have enough to keep children away from the sofa and computer charm. Trampoline park meets the sports and entertainment needs of people of different ages, and trampoline is a comprehensive sports project integrating sports, leisure and entertainment.

Trampoline parks of different sizes

1.A small indoor trampoline park

Small trampoline park is mainly located in schools, residential areas, training classes, early education centers and the environment where teenagers are concentrated. In fact, trampoline park profit back to the key point is not its size, the park management of the venue operation methods and skills play a decisive role. Indoor children's park and trampoline park must have their own clear crowd positioning, their target group of the park is children, children or teenagers, according to the different crowd positioning screening some small and highly interactive amusement equipment. However, when choosing small devices, the physical and mental characteristics of players must be taken into consideration. For example, young children prefer small toys and colorful interactive projection games, while teenagers prefer sports and challenging stimulating entertainment.

2.Large trampoline park

This type of equipment is mainly suitable for corporate group building, adult exercise and fitness, etc., and is relatively large. Mainly choose in the crowded or downtown, commercial centers, downtown areas, near a comprehensive entertainment places, scenic spots. The bigger the venue, the easier it is to include more entertainment to attract more customers. In addition, a variety of equipment can be scientifically and rationally combined to allow more players to play interactively.

In trampoline park, whether adult or children can fully relax the body and mood, through the trampoline for all kinds of sports and games. How long has it been since you jumped? Do you want to try gymnastics at the Olympics? NBA star's cool Slam Dunk you want to imitate? Now, if you come to trampoline park , you can do all of these things. Then, action is better than heart, quickly organize your staff to come here, a hi to the explosion of the group building activities. If you have any bold ideas for trampoline park, welcome to consult us.

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