Do you want to experience the feeling of jumping billow ?
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Parkour, Back flip, Slam dunk... These action looks very profesional and diffcult, now you can do it over a huge trampoline. 


  1. From physical activity to say, if you jog for 30 minutes or dance for 20 minutes, it's almost same that you jump on trampoline for 15 minutes.  It's an aerobic exercise consuming less time, more energy.

  2. Pick one of your favorite music or program, jumping by watching them, not tired and time passed quickly, from the exercise of troubles.

  3. A big trampoline jumping movement can promote the whole body blood, lymph, and all kinds of fluid ciculation, so as to prevent the reduce the effect of disease, such as lower cholesterrol and trilyceride levels, prevent kidney stones, enhance the acrdiopulmonary function, balance blood pressure, improve body coordination, help to sleep, etc. 

  4. Trampoline event is not only a good fitness activitity, is more amazing entertaining. It's hunman nuture to want to fly, it is a memories of childhood, so the trampoline movement charm enough to let the children get off the couch and computer. 


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Title:Do you want to experience the feeling of jumping billow ?
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