Do you know what classification of children's indoor playground?
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Children's indoor playground is mainly for children to carry out comprehensive physical exercise, which can improve the coordination of body movements, and can stimulate children's enterprising spirit and courage to overcome difficulties.


From the perspective of traditional categories, Children's indoor playground are divided into open naughty castle equipment and naughty castles. The appearance of the open naughty castle can also be traced back to the development and operation of electric toys.

Children's naughty castle commonly used equipment classification.


Most people know that children’s naughty castle equipment can be equipped with combination slides, ocean ball pools, suspension bridges and other entertainment equipment. There are plastic and wooden amusement equipment series. Of course, there are some fixings, such as threaded steel pipes. In short, the composition of children's naughty materials is very much. Let me introduce the equipment classification of the traditional naughty castle paradise:3336.jpg

1. Combination slide: The combination slide can continuously exercise children's limbs and whole body coordination ability;

2. Swing Bridge: Establish the body's balance ability and improve the body's sense of harmony. Exercise your child's guts;

3.Massage ball: test children's vestibular balance ability and gravity;

4.Electric machine: Children's movements in parallel rotation, mountain climbing, sitting, etc., through the stable and coordinated coordination of the upper and lower limbs, the formed experience, new balance, promote the improvement of sensory ability.

5.Ocean Ball Pool: In one area, a large slide is placed in the center, surrounded by ocean balls, and equipped with customs facilities, so that children can be immersed in the joyful "Ocean World" to enhance the children's senses, cheerful child. The formation of personality is very helpful.

Title:Do you know what classification of children's indoor playground?
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