Core skills to be mastered when climbing
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From the ballroom dances of the 1970s, the disco of the 1980s, to the bowling and sauna of the 1990s, these were all popular activities. But today it is no longer able to meet people's growing sense of demand. People are looking for more fresh and stimulating ways to vent their stress and release energy. Rock climbing on the climbing wall is the most suitable choice for people. But unlike others, climbing on a climbing wall requires learning rock climbing skills, otherwise you will be at risk. This article will explain the skills of climbing on a climbing wall.

This article contains the following:

Rock climbing skills

The benefits of rock climbing

Other extreme sports


1、Rock climbing skills

Hand tips:

The fundamental purpose of the hand in climbing is to move the body up and as close as possible to the rock wall of the climbing wall. There are many fulcrums on the climbing wall, and there are dozens of common ones. Climbers should be familiar with the shape of these particles, know where to grab the different fulcrums, how to force, according to the position and direction of the protrusion (or depression) on the fulcrum, there are 抠, pinch, pull, 拽, grip, Push and other methods. But don't stick to it, the same fulcrum can have a variety of grip methods.

The strength of the finger in climbing the climbing wall is very important. It can be practiced by means of finger grip, pull-up, finger-up, and weight lifting. Some masters can even reach the level of strength of a single guide. When the climbing wall is high, you can choose an easy section, and both hands take turns to rest.

Foot skills:

1. When climbing on a climbing wall, be sure to cling to the rock wall.

When bouldering traverses or tops the rope, select the best position for each foot point encountered and move the foot precisely to this point. Do not leave your feet until your feet are fully seated. When the level is increased, increase the moving speed.

2, the leg's weight-bearing capacity and explosive power are very large, and endurance is strong, in the climbing on the climbing wall to make full use of leg and foot strength. Climbing generally wears special climbing shoes. The soles are made of hard rubber, the forefoot is slightly thick, the body is made of tough leather, the toe is sharp, and the sole has a strong friction. Put on this kind of shoes, the foot can be firmly supported on the fulcrum that is narrower than one centimeter wide.

Hang the rock with your toes or heels to maintain your body balance and move your body. Use the larger fulcrum at the front of the foot to reduce the burden on the upper limbs and move the body.

3, each time you lift a foot, you will save the strength of your arm.

Very small strips, small rough marks, hand-shaped corrugations and features on the climbing wall that are only fixed with screws.

4, optimistic about the route, think about where the next step will go, and then move the hands and feet to the corresponding point.

Select a foot point and place your foot in the best position.

Before the foot touch point, close your eyes and use the space to complete the foot. Keep your eyes closed before making sure you put your feet. First assess the quality of the step by feeling, then open your eyes to confirm. Select the next pivot and continue.

5, when resting on the climbing wall, also close to the rock wall.

Imagine that the tip of the foot is frozen on the fulcrum for a moment; you cannot change the relationship between the foot and the fulcrum, and there is no rotation, tilt or reset.

Only bend the ankle when exerting force. Learn to establish a large area of contact between the foot and the fulcrum, and feel the contact, and then try to maintain this maximum contact as the rest of the body moves.

Basic essentials for rock climbing:

1)Grab: Grab the raised part of the climbing wall with your hand. Hey, grab the corners, cracks and edges of the climbing wall with your hand.

2)Pulling: Under the premise of grasping the front upper fixed point, the arm is attached to the rock wall, grabbing the climbing wall, and using the arm to move the body up or to the left and right.

3)Push: Use the power of the arm to move the body by using the side or below the climbing wall fulcrum or object. Zhang, put his hand into the gap of the climbing wall, bend it with his palm or fingers, and grasp the gap of the fulcrum as a fulcrum to move the body.

4)蹬: Support the body with the force of the inside of the forefoot or the toes to reduce the burden on the upper limbs. Cross, use your own flexibility, avoid difficulties, and seek favorable support points.

5)Hanging: Hang the climbing wall fulcrum with your toes or heels to maintain your body balance and move your body.

6)Treading: Use the fulcrum of the front part of the foot to reduce the burden on the upper limbs and move the body.

2、The benefits of rock climbing

1)Enhance Physical Strength

Rock climbing requires a balance of strength and beauty, and is enough to load your weight and fight gravity.


At the foot, all the gods permeate the rock, paying attention to every detail of the body's displacement on the rock, and can cultivate a person's concentration on things.


When you rely on climbing ropes to bear weight and "hang" on high rock walls or rock towers, do you give up or continue to persist? It is not just courage to describe, but also willpower, honor, and self-transcendence. determination.


Faced with a rock field that is at least three or four times higher than his height, he still resolutely struggles, and his heart is naturally more self-respecting and self-confident than ordinary people.

5)Sense Of Balance

Known as the "Spider Man" walking on the rock wall, the basic posture of walking is "three points do not move a little", relying on the sense of balance.

3、Other extreme sports

Extreme sports is a collective term that combines some difficult and challenging combination sports. Rock climbing is one of them. Others include: downhill, skateboarding, extreme cycling, snowboarding, aerial surfing, street squad, parkour, extreme off-road, extreme water skiing, extreme roller skating, drift board, etc.


The urban newcomers who can't help their feelings are eager to rush out of the blockade of urban civilization and want to restore humanity as a member of nature, showing the most essential ability of human beings. So I chose to climb on a climbing wall, and rock climbing has brought many spiritual and physical benefits. The premise of all this is that you have the skills to climb on the climbing wall and have the courage to fear, so that you can rock easily. So if you want to climb, don't hesitate to learn!

Title:Core skills to be mastered when climbing
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