Competitive trampoline vs recreational trampoline
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Trampoline is not only a kind of fitness exercise, but also a kind of entertainment machinery. In trampoline park , by jumping up and down, it can exercise the strength of limbs and muscles of adults, enhance the body jumping power of adults, strengthen liver and spleen, adjust human endocrine, and through comfort and activation of collaterals , it can also make children increase. Trampoline is also a kind of sport that athletes use acrobatics to bounce back from trampoline. It belongs to gymnastics and is also called "air ballet". Trampolines in the trampoline park can be divided into athletic trampolines and recreational trampolines , so what are the two? This paper introduces the difference between athletic trampoline and recreational trampoline in trampoline park.

The analysis points are as follows:

✉ What is a competitive trampoline

✉ What is recreational trampoline

✉ Differences between two types of trampolines

Competitive trampoline

The modern trampoline, which enjoys the title of "air ballet", is a difficult and beautiful skill performance item requiring high difficulty, high quality and high risk. It is also a formal competition item of the National Games and the Olympic Games in China. Modern competitive trampoline, as an independent sport, has a history of more than 60 years in foreign countries. However, in China, trampoline teams have been formally established since 1998. Athletic trampoline refers to the trampoline mainly used for competitive sports. It is the reason why sports such as trampoline theme park can be popular at present that professional competitive sports are presented in the form of entertainment and popularization, and sports and entertainment are organically combined. 

With the emergence of more professional sports venues management companies, not only solved the employment problem of professional trampoline athletes after retirement, but also solved the pain point of lack of professional coaches management and protection in the sports venues on the market. But with the rapid expansion of the market, security has become an important issue. Because trampoline is a high-risk sport, it must be guided by professional coaches and security personnel. So, first of all, we have special standards and requirements for the steel frame structure, springboard and cushion provided by the equipment manufacturer of trampoline park. Secondly, we provide professional training for trainers and security personnel in trampoline parks. Put an end to unsafe consumption behavior in time and establish an emergency mechanism for dealing with sudden injuries.

Recreational trampoline

Entertainment trampoline is mainly the amusement equipment provided by large-scale entertainment venues. In this trampoline park , whether adults or children, trampoline can relax their body and mood through various sports and games. Unlike the trampoline sports of competitive gymnastics, for this recreational trampoline park, the items inside are mainly for relaxation. Children can find out what they like to play in it, and they can also play an educational role. Adults can exercise themselves through their fitness, weight loss and so on.

The difference between the two trampoline

1. Uses

Athletic trampoline is mainly used for athletes'daily training and some competitions, while recreational trampoline mainly adopts the mode of teaching and entertainment, which combines children's paradise with multi-dimensional and multi-angle safety and leisure mode, giving equal attention to both fun and safety. It is not only a kind of fitness exercise, but also a kind of entertainment machinery.

2. Scale

The scale of competitive trampoline is very large, and the use of venues is the same as the stadium; while the recreational trampoline venues are mainly entertainment venues, relatively not very large scale.

3. Applicable population

Athletic trampoline is mainly suitable for the crowd of athletes, and entertainment jump out of the applicable crowd is mainly adults and children.

Trampoline is not only a good sport for the body, but also an amazing entertainment. In trampoline park, you can release yourself, burn your youth, and let your children get exercise and growth. So trampoline park is not only a place for your fitness and entertainment, but also the best platform for enhancing friendship, family and team strength. Let's make an appointment with your friends and take your family to experience it. I hope this article can help you better understand trampoline park, better understand competitive trampoline and recreational trampoline, and also let you better choose your favorite trampoline park.

Title:Competitive trampoline vs recreational trampoline
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