Climb the climbing wall and stand the test of bravery and perseverance
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Many friends who like rock climbing wall believe that a period of rock climbing practice will make the body stronger and stronger, so there is no need to do other forms of exercise. Of course, to some extent, the answer is beyond doubt, but if you climb a lot for a long time, your muscles will be sore, your body will feel more tired, and it may be difficult to stick to it for a long time. So, how do we do rock climbing wall training correctly? Next, we give a brief introduction to rock climbing wall training and its benefits, hoping to help you do better rock climbing wall training.

The points are as follows:

∷ Climbing training introduction

∷ Climbing training benefits

∷ Safety protection

∷ Precautions

∷ Sum up

Introduction to Rock Climbing Training

Is there a faster and more convenient way to make your body stronger? Here we recommend a four-step strength exercise, in a month, you can find a stronger self. Come and climb up the climbing wall and do some exercise. The specific methods are as follows:

1.Make 3-5 different angle boulder holding points, simply look at the route and then move 6-8 times in a controllable climbing way to reach the top. Each move can be locked by one finger for one second, and practice finger force.

2.Choose a vertical route, climb 2-4 times in a row, then rest for 3-5 minutes to ensure that your body does not feel any soreness.

3.Entering the steeper section of the road according to their own conditions may require more time to rest and recover their physical strength, whether in climbing practice or after the whole stage of the exercise. In addition, it will take 45-90 minutes to warm up before this stage of practice. After the whole exercise, you will feel tired, but not muscle soreness.

4.Keep at least one day's rest time. After the second and third stages of practice, the practitioner can clearly feel the increase of finger strength. He can try to gradually increase from one second to two to three seconds at a time. When you can hold on longer, you can climb back to the original boulder route.

Benefits of rock climbing training

Rock climbing wall is a sport that requires strict physical and volitional requirements. Of course, it also has many benefits.

First, through rock climbing wall , increase the body flexibility and coordination, which is the key to rock climbing, its importance is more than physical strength; foreign medical fields have used rock climbing to correct children's muscle development and coordinated training of hands, eyes and bodies.

Second, strengthen physical strength. Rock climbing wall requires balance of strength and beauty of hands and feet, and enough to bear their weight and resist gravity. Girls do not lose anything to boys in this matter.


Concentrating on the rock under one's feet can cultivate one's concentration on things.

Fourth, enterprising. 

Whether to give up or stick to it when you are weighing on a climbing rope and hanging on a high rock wall or tower? It is not only courage but also will, honor and determination to surpass yourself.

Fifth. A sense of balance. 

Known as "Spider Man" walking on the rock wall, the basic posture of walking is to move at three o'clock, depending on the sense of balance! 

In short, rock climbing wall is a popular sport among young people, which is good for our physical and mental health.

Safety precautions

Ⅰ. For climbers:

All skills come from the usual training, so you should concentrate on the usual training.

Ⅱ. For protective personnel:

(1)Protectors must be trained specialists.

(2)Have a good mental state. Before engaging in protection, we must rest fully and keep a happy mind. Those who lack sleep or are not in good mood must not carry out protection work.

(3)Before protection, all equipment (including the equipment of the protector and the protected personnel) and facilities should be carefully inspected, and the inspectors should be more than two persons.

(4)Concentrate on protection.

(5)Wear gloves when protecting.


In rock climbing wall , we should also pay attention to some aspects, not because of sports and let themselves be hurt.

1.Take a few days off and wait for the pain to ease. If the joint is swollen, the effective way is ice compress to stop subcutaneous tissue exudation. Thereafter, hot compress or aerobic exercise is needed to speed up blood circulation and help the injured area recover.

2.Don't be violent to grasp the point, avoid grasping the small button point, static grasp point, reduce the impact.

3.Find out if there is a problem with your movements and if you rely too much on your fingers.

4.Improve the stability of the body by exercising the core, and reduce the impact of swing on the finger and wrist joints. 


For those who are just beginning to climbing wall, the best way to train is to climb itself, master climbing skills, complete various movements to enrich their action pool, and at the same time improve the basic physical qualities needed for climbing. Of course, while climbing wall, we should also remember to pay attention to safety. So, come rock climbing. Climbing wall and accept the test of courage and perseverance. If you have any questions about climbing wall training, please consult us.

Title:Climb the climbing wall and stand the test of bravery and perseverance
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