Children Welcome Diversity on the Playground
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After the busy green to accompany the child is a very important thing, but in the end with children where is the best choice?

   Nowadays, amusement and leisure industries are very import for kids and adults. For business men, it’s a big business opportunity and new concept for indoor amusement parks.

For trampoline:

   We can make jumping free zone, dodgeball, basketball, high performance, kids area,etc, there is a new and different area in large bounce trampoline park which is called Ninja Course. It’s made of foam pit and some barriers for players to across the foam pit. The barriers usually are swings, different types for walking, gym bar, etc. Players can enjoy contest time with their friends. The most important is that they don’t need to worry once falling down.

For soft playground:

   Have more activity games for kids,we can do toddler are,theme of soft playground,steep slide,ball pool,volcano slide,roller slide,climbing,etc....

   I believe this is good place for children.parents can have fun together with their kids. It is a mixture of sports and pleasure in a perfect and dynamic way.

Title:Children Welcome Diversity on the Playground
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